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Based in Yarmouth, the RCMP spent a year of planning alongside our partners at the Canadian Armed Forces to complete a week-long scenario to evaluate and enhance capabilities in response to threats to North American security.

It is by working together that we continue to improve the safety and security of our neighbourhoods and make Nova Scotia one of the most desirable places to live in Canada. Ula newtipunqek, Nuji-kla'qa'lua'tijik nemitu'tij tetuji wulite'lmuj ke'sk pem-lukuti'tij, pijo'la'tij o'pla'taqatijik aqq ketu' kinua'tekey ta'n tetuji wula'liek. Ula newtipunqek, Nuji-kla'qa'lua'tijik atiknetmi'tit kis-pukua'tunew ta'n tel-maliaptasik o'pla'tekemk wutanl.

Nkutey kulaman kisite'taq wije'titij ekina'muemk wjit wenik kulaman kisi-apoqntaq tel-jikla'tumk nesana'q wutank. Nike' pemi-ajelk maliaptmek winjik koqoey aqq wini-mpisun piskwa'q eymu'k, aqq elt wenik ta'n pisko'tu'tij.

This was evidenced during Operation Harrington, which began as a drug investigation that uncovered eight conspiracies to import cocaine into Canada from a number of countries including Antigua, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and the United States.

You can read more about the success of Operation Harrington and the work of our federal policing investigators here in Nova Scotia in the Major Investigations section of this document.

We also continued to work closely with our partners this year including members of our First Nation communities, Police Advisory Boards and other government departments, to name a few.

One notable example was the RCMP's largest participation to date in Exercise Frontier Sentinel.

Newte'jk keknue'k kisa'tuek mawlukutimk na Nuji-kla'qa'lua'tijik tel-lukutipnik .

Kespukwitk etl-lukutimkip, newtipunqek Nuji-kla'qa'lua'tijik aqq maw-lukuti'tipnik Kanata-ewe'k Sma'knisk kisutmnew newte'jk ekntie'wimk elukutimk teli-pkijiaq lukwaqn wjinu'kwatmnew aqq ila'tunew teli-westawik anko'tmumk .

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