Biblical dating for women

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How can truth’s foundation or pillar or bulwark or ground be something than total truth (since truth itself contains no falsehoods, untruths, lies, or errors)? It’s impossible, as a straightforward matter of logic and plain observation. What is built on a foundation cannot be than the foundation. If an elephant stood on the shoulders of a man as its foundation, that foundation would collapse.

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It’s a matter of agreeing with biblical revelation that there is indeed such a thing as an authoritative Church, set up by God (and initiated by Jesus’ commission to St.

Peter in Matthew 16) and then judging (again, led by grace and the Holy Spirit, the Helper) whether the Catholic claims are feasible and plausible.

He also proclaimed an authoritative Church decision, made at the Jerusalem Council, which is described in Acts 15:1-30.

What happened there was not “Bible alone” or individual Christians and the Holy Spirit, independent of other Christians, but very clearly a strong authority.

The Church in her council decided that it was necessary, with the participants confidently proclaiming, “[I]t has seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” The Holy Spirit guided the process (see John ). Paul then went out and proclaimed what the council (including him) had decided, to be observed as a binding decree.

Biblical dating for women

If that’s not Church authority, it’s difficult to imagine what would be.

It can’t be weaker than that which is built upon it.

The foundations of a suspension bridge over a river have to be strong enough to hold up that bridge.

I’ve become more and more assured of this truth during my nearly twenty-four years of defending it.

The more I learn, the more my faith is strengthened ( Dave Armstrong is a Catholic apologist and evangelist who has proclaimed Christianity for more than twenty years.


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