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, airing just before Valentine’s Day, also offers a fascinating look at modern dating culture, this time in the remote Faroe Islands.Located about halfway between Iceland and Norway, the collection of 18 islands is home to 50,000 people (there are more sheep than men and women combined) and has just three traffic lights.The capital city, Tórshavn, has just a few restaurants, making it near impossible to go incognito on a first date. “I didn’t get this on camera, but one of the single ladies did say to me that you often have to go on secret drives in the Faroe Islands to go on a date because it’s so small.” The documentary not only explores what it is like to move across the world for love; it also examines how this new wave of migration has shaped the region in the past 30 years.

Or are periods of increased activity common among couples? However, David Schnarch of the Marriage & Family Health Center of Evergreen, Colorado, insists that his couples "commonly report having the best sex in their later years of life." Perhaps in Evergreen, but in the rest of the world, your best hope is to shake things up.

"Any situation in which you get an overall body push of adrenaline and hormones helps generate sexual urge," says Pepper Schwartz, author of Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years.

Finding love in the Faroe Islands is, obviously, not without challenges.

As dating is made even more difficult by the fact that the number of single men far outweigh single women.

And then, someone would make the decision and they'd get married and move over to the Faroe Islands together,” Lim explains.

While Tinder means finding a date is just a swipe away, getting private one-on-one time with a match can prove difficult.

You're asking the wrong woman, but I suspect it's because the right women are too caught up in the demands of their environmental blogs or polygamous sects, or whatever it is they do, to pay you much attention.

I'm probably wrong, so let's turn to a few relationship experts, or "relationsperts," for some help.

Additionally, girl brains discharge far more oxytocin (a bonding hormone linked to estrogen and often found on stolen prescription pads), which is to blame for this silly attachment after sex, whether she wants it or not. Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist and author of The Female Brain, "and it's been in place for millions of years." Biologically, the female brain won't risk impregnation by someone who won't be around to raise the offspring.

Male brains release oxytocin, too, but just enough to usher out semen.


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