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(if not into the billions) You’ll probably want to bookmark this page to reference back and forth in your career.

If you’re doing a startup, most landlords will not talk to you until they know you have approval for finance in.

Also, you have more negotiating power with everybody you talk to you when you were approved for a start-up loan.

And for working capital to be made part of the loan. – Doctors should get pre-qualified before they try to buy a practice or start-up an office.

Getting prequalified is not a loan approval but you will get a good idea as to what your borrowing capacity is.

This is not our minimum but it is a good place for the doctors to shoot for to get fair rates and unrestricted loan products.

Also, make sure they are dealing with a specialty lender who only lends to doctors and doesn’t consider student debt a bad thing or require any assets or other services to get the loan.

Wells Fargo will lend to new grads the day they are licensed up to 325k for buy-in or start up. We will also do 100 percent financing on building purchases at this time as well if desired.

We consider a doctor seasoned/experienced and no longer a new grad at 12 months of being licensed.

Our loss rates on dental practice startups has been less than 1% year over year for the last 20 years.

Demographics is critical whether you’re buying a dental practice are doing a dental startup as you do not want to go into an area that is over saturated with doctors.


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