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It doesn’t mean that they’re the head of the family and women should be only ‘housewife-like’.

On the contrary, Czech women are independent and love self-development in different spheres.

I picked four of my favorites all of which are available on both i OS and Android operating systems and both Czech and English language. The premise is simple- swipe to the left if you are uninterested and swipe to the right if you are interested.

Using your information from Facebook and your current location, you can see friends and interest in common, as well as how close the potential new lady is.

You need to fill out a profile, where a minimum of 100 characters is needed for the ‘about you’ section.

It doesn’t pull information from Facebook, but it does have you answer questions similar to mainstream sites like

The invite-only community has launched in six cities and looks to add more in 2014.

Looking to meet your dream PR, fashion industry maven or your M&A lawyer or well-to-do fund manager, they are more likely than not on here and hoping that you will be lucky enough to be extended an invitation.

Those singles who poo-poo the idea of online dating take note; in a recent study by (US) 22% of the single population met their dates through friends, but another 20% met their dates through their electronic friend!

For singles in Prague there are a slew of available applications with new ones popping up regularly.


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