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After that, they proceeded to go on a hunting expedition outside Luoyang.

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At the same time, Sima Yi's popularity and influence further increased due to his opposition to the campaign from the start.

Potentially to deceive Cao Shuang into letting down his guard, Sima Yi stopped engaging in any political activity in May 247 and retired on the grounds of illness.

As a result, Cao Shuang came to power in the final days Cao Rui's reign.

However, Cao Shuang was clearly inadequate for the important job assigned to him.

Cao Shuang, feeling insecure over Sima Yi's triumph, managed to persuade the emperor Cao Fang to promote Sima Yi to the position of Grand Tutor (太傅).

While it was ostensibly a promotion for Sima Yi, the position of Grand Tutor was in fact an honorary one without any real authority over military affairs.courtesy name Zhaobo, was a military general and regent of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China.He was the eldest son of Cao Zhen, a prominent general of Wei.Cao Shuang was desperate for a victory to boost his own fame so he selected Shu Han, Wei's other rival state, as his target.Leading an army numbering over 60,000 troops, Cao Shuang invaded Shu territory in March 244.Cao Shuang and his followers overjoyed when Li Sheng reported that Sima Yi was indeed ill and that he could not even hear what Li Sheng said.According to Li Sheng, Sima Yi misheard "Jing Province" as "Bing Province".He was also often at odds with his co-regent Sima Yi, who had greater influence and support.In 243, Sima Yi's position was further strengthened by another successful deployment: Zhuge Ke a general of Wei's rival state, Eastern Wu, was constantly sending agents to Shouchun (壽春; around present-day Shou County, Anhui) to prepare an invasion, so Sima Yi led Wei forces to Shu County (舒縣), Lujiang Commandery (盧江郡) near the Wei–Wu border.He went on further to pretend to be ill and senile.In the same year, Cao Shuang followed the advice of Li Sheng, Deng Yang and Ding Mi in order to maintain his power.


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