Being picky in dating

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Without a mutual attraction, this is something youwill not have. But you might besurprised to find yourself attracted to someone who is not your"type."4.

You don't have to be picky about the following:1. Even if you have had a bad experience with someone of aparticular profession, chances are the trouble was with thatparticular person.2. If you find you earn in different financial brackets, you cansometimes spend a little and sometimes spend a lot to eventhings out.3. The person's past, as long as it has been worked through andput to rest.

You need not worry about your partner's past as long as you cansee that the emotions and circumstances of the past have beenexperiences and worked through.

If you're too picky or not picky enough you can still end upalone.

A perfect relationship without issues just doesn't exist.

In almost all speed-dating events, women sit in stationary positions and men rotate to talk with each of them.

The person should be someone you enjoy looking at, someoneyou find attractive.

Healthy physical intimacy is critical to a long-term, happyrelationship.

You date people whether or not you are attracted to them.

If you identify more with being too picky, when you let someonein, you do not let them in deeply for fear they will not be goodenough. If you identify more with not being picky enough, you mostlyend up with people who aren't a very good match for you.


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