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To check, sit him in a warm bath, which should naturally drop the testes.Otherwise, your doctor may suggest an outpatient procedure after he turns 1 year old called orchiopexy, in which testicles are brought down and sewn into place. Yeast thrive in a warm, dark, humid environment, which makes dirty diapers a haven.

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If necessary, put your baby in a warm bath to remove anything sticky.Call your doctor if you notice unusual redness at the tip, though: Sometimes the white discharge called smegma can accumulate under the foreskin and lead to infection.Related Features: What should I do when poop gets in my baby's vagina?Probiotics, available in powder form or in some yogurt, can help prevent future infections by regulating the helpful bacteria that keep yeast in check. Hygiene plays a part too: When the delicate skin becomes raw from diaper rash, for example, the labia sometimes heal by merging, much the way a cut does. "Instead of seeing open labia, and two holes on the inside for the urethra and the vaginal opening, you'll see a line of tissue where the labia are stuck and a very small area where they aren't," says Parents advisor Ari Brown, M. "Labial adhesions do not usually need to be treated.The area eventually becomes unstuck once a girl begins making estrogen herself as she goes through puberty," she explains.Packed full of invaluable features it successfully combines functionality with effortless style.Infant penis is not necessarily a term that a new mom wants to search on the Web -- or that she'd want another person finding in her search history. This physiologic response is involuntary and sometimes even visible on prenatal sonograms, which makes it a little easier to determine sex.Never insert a cotton swab or a tissue inside the vagina because this could push in the fecal matter further or cause injury. How long will this last and is there any way it can be fixed?Nearly 3 percent of all full-term boys are born with cryptorchidism, a condition in which one or both of the testes are not in the scrotal sac.Finally, a chic handbag for mom and baby that’s every bit as stylish as you are.A designer look that can be mixed and matched with every stroller and outfit.


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