Beautiful and smart women intimidating

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I would not directly talk to you, rather as a part of the conversation.

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Based on your looks I would not be afraid to talk to you, you don't look intimidating to me, but the conditions had to be good for it to happen.

Pre-party with a mix of guys and girls, maybe sitting at a table or a sofa discussing things.

I think the girls on r/gonewild tend to get a lot but that is by choice.

I am not drop dead gorgeous but I have been told I am attractive (check posts if you want).

Everyone wants to date people they find mutually attractive and everyone has different tastes. It's easier to discuss things with women here on Reddit because I don't think of how they look until I find them interesting to talk with.

Beautiful and smart women intimidating

And then I will just imagine her being a slightly younger, slightly above average, looking girl compared to the girls I see where I live.

This might sound like I'm talking up my own ass, but I think it's partly why you see a lot of beautiful people actually ending up with people you think are "below their league".

Everyone just wants to feel like someone likes them for who they are and finds them attractive. This went on longer than I thought but uh I guess this is what I'm trying to say: TL; DR: There is no secret club of beautiful people that only dates other beautiful people.

Well, everyone gets a sense of it, but that's very little.

There are always beautiful people that are intimidating. Everyone appreciates someone thinking they are attractive, but everyone loves and is actually moved when they honestly hear straight from the horses mouth that someone finds them attractive.


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