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I get that LMP works for some people, but I'd had three consecutive cycles of 50 days and knew it would be way off for me.

Based off my LMP I should be 14w1d, but when I had my dating scan, the measured the baby an entire week back.

I'm finding it hard to think of planning a section..want to make the right decision You aren't actually technically pregnant until week 3, that's why they "add" 2 weeks.

They count the 2-ish weeks while you are having your period/the time leading up to ovulation as part of the pregnancy. Your due date: It's that day circled in red on your calendar.

I'm sure if you wanted (see what presents itself closer to your due date) you can even push a scheduled c out a few days esp if this is your first.

the majority of women don't come on their due dates anyways and more likely to be late if you are a FTM so you're probably safe.

I ended up delivering at 41 weeks and it was definitely correct she was 8lbs and 20inches long and she also passed merconium I trust technology more than a day that I try to remember.

Most doctors will let you go overdue for a week or two anyway.

Dating scans are more accurate since you can ovulate early or later.

Based off of LMP with my daughter I would have been due February 12th dating scan changed it to February 5th a week before.


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