Avira not updating windows 7

avira not updating windows 7-64
My system was back to being active, where before it kept telling me there was an error.

[UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to ' C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\repair-win32gz'.

[UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to ' C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\webguardwhitelist-win32gz'.

Hi, I had this problem with Avira not updating, and found that even though I am using Firefox, the solution is in Explorer. Avira needs to look into this as this means the setup is taking the LAN settings from IE even if you use Firefox. I think its because they have few servers or some type of ancient setup over there. Now to the right of Application Control click Settings. Set the second one (Defense Net) to Manual from Auto. You should get a popup from Zone Alarm saying something has been blocked from accessing the internet. This was why I couldn't find it in the Zone Alarm program list, because ZA doesn't list it as "Avira". No problems updating except to say there are better times of day to attempt to update.. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.

Open Explorer, under internet options, choose LAN settings, and under proxy server, make sure the box is UNchecked for Use a proxy server for your LAN. I'm using it now but that 1st update took forever to get through even on a fast ISP link, so it appears its at their end causes the issue. Right, now still on the Zone Alarm Firewall screen, click on View Programs. I believe Avira's servers are in Europe and it frequently helps if you set the update for a time when the rest of the World is sleeping..

I use to use AVG and if this problem persists I'm going to try the new version that is out.

I use to use AVG and if this problem persists I\u0027m going to try the new version that is out.Mine wouldn't do it either but inadvertently I left it (was browsing elsewhere and forgot about it). Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number Own build OS Windows 7 x64 Professional CPU Intel Core i7-870 Lynnfield 2.93 GHz Motherboard Intel Whitesburg P55 LGA1156 Memory Kingston Hyper X 1333MHz DDR3 4x2Gb Graphics Card Nvidia GTS 250 ECO 1 Gig 256 Bit Monitor(s) Displays Phillips 22" 221E1HSB LCD Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Keyboard Genius Mouse Genius PSU 650W Case Coolermaster HAF 912 Cooling Stock Hard Drives Western Digital 1000GB Hard Drive (SATA 3.0Gb/s, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache) Verbatim 500GB (External) Antivirus MSE Browser Firefox Other Info LG Opt Drive 24x SATA DVDRW Lightscribe At about AM today, my Avira antivirus updated from to switched my computer off afterwards, then switched it back on at about AM.I have been using Avira Antivir free edition for some time now with no problems. I tried to manually update several times to no avail.After an unusually long time it just hangs and then I get an error message. I even went to their web site and read the forums there and found out this is an ongoing problem with their update servers. I use to consider this software an excellent free anti-virus program but no more. [UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to ' C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\wks_avira13-win32-en-pepr.idx'. [UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to ' C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\wks_avira13-win32gz'.First, remember where the Avira servers are and as such, time your updates when the rest of the world is not online.. Second, it's also fairly easy to manually update Avira by clicking on the link below, then click on the "Download IVDF (Unicode)" link in the middle of the page, then download the update file (it's a file) to your desktop.I find no problems when setting the automatic update time to or P. Once it's there, open Avira, click on the "Update" menu at the top, select "Manual Update", navigate to the file on your desktop, then follow the prompts to update the program. this helps.I'm getting so fed up with this whole update business. I'm not super technically minded, but I keep reading that I should try a manual update, which requires downloading something to another computer to save and install on here..I don't have another computer to download to.I un-installed Antivirus and re-installed it which started off looking okay.


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