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But had been dragged to a deceased lover, it is changed all at themeeting with you. In love forbidden of superiors and subordinates, you spend thesweet time, such as the first love but Tachifusagaru scandalunexpected. While being tossed into a pond no temptation with a back, two ofthe distance goes narrowed."This is a ghost of .2 people's love of the contraindication iswatching us."Pure synchronization gusty in the athlete[Chiba Junpei]A man with an action, such as the end of the Edo period patriot, along time ago had to belong to the Self-Defense Forces. "Honor student younger scheming with a cute face[Hiromi Kikuchi]I'm younger, in synchronization is the most dependable.When you buy the gold, respectively, in the "Avatar shop" and"item shop", you get the avatar and items in gold andexchange.(What the avatar is also something that can be purchased in silverto be put in hand for free!)[How to deal with error]※ and communication situation, by such as server load state, anerror may occur anyway.Normally also to men in the workplace, which had spent every dayit seems to be a secret ....It begins the moment you fell in handsome firefighters and love,major incident!We recommend this game if you:- like otome games and romantic love comics- like camera apps (photo manipulation apps) and escape games- like rearing games and apps- like to flirt or play love games- want to dream about kissing and going on dates with good-lookingmen List of unrecommended devices The following devices are not recommended as we cannot guaranteethe game performance, especially with Android OS 2.3:・IS11S (SOI11) Sony Ericsson・ISW11M(MOI11) Motorola・IS11S(SOI11) Sony Ericsson・IS11LG(LGI11) LG・IS11PT(PTI11) Pantech・ISW11SC (SCI11) SAMSUNG・IS11N(NEI11) NEC Cassio 설명오랜시간 짝사랑해온 그와의 연애 시뮬레이션 게임.주목받는 신인 디자이너로서 바쁜 나날을 보내는 당신.그런 당신에게 어느날 엄청난 일이 일어난다.의붓딸인 당신을 친딸처럼 아껴준 아버지의 죽음.그리고 아버지가 남긴 막대한 유산을 둘러싼 상속경쟁..! Dans L’Amour Interdit, rencontrez et tombez sous le charme d'hommesirrésistibles !Histoire*********Vous êtes devenue la belle-fille du président d’une grandeentreprise nommée « Groupe Sonobe », suite au remariage de votremère.In order to protect the family business, you become hismistress. 당신의 선택으로 스토리가 달라집니다.짝사랑해온 그에게 무참히 짓밟힌 당신이한 때 사랑했던 그와의 결혼으로 어떤 길을 선택할 지를 고려하는 게 포인트!Though he is cold to you in the beginning, he eventually starts towarm up to you.."Marriage for revenge"As part of a plan to avenge your grandfather, you are arranged intoa marriage with a prince-like businessman. 오랜 염원이었던 그와의 사랑의 결실을 맺을지, 디자이너로서 성공한 삶을 걸을지..아니면 막대한 재산을 손에 넣고 부유한 삶을 살아갈지는 당신의 선택에 달려있습니다.스토리 중간에 등장하는 선택지를 통해 그와의 호감도를 높이세요.호감도에 따라 이야기의 결말이 달라집니다.귀찮은 미션없이 당신의 페이스대로 진행할 수 있답니다♪◆연인후보 캐릭터-오랜 짝사랑의 주인공,타카츠카사 마사시-감히 범접할 수 없는 아우라를 가진 귀공자.당신을 향해 경멸과 혐오의 감정을 노골적으로 드러내왔다.유산 상속을 위한 거짓결혼의 상대.「싫든 좋든 넌 내 아내야...적어도 1년 동안은.」차가운 말을 내뱉던 그가...사실은...-마사시의 남동생, 료야-어디로 튈 지 모르는 자유로운 영혼.마사시와 당신의 결혼을 방해하여 유산을 가로채려 하지만...◆무료로 즐길 수 있어요!Basically, you can proceed to read the story for free.Not even in the Warring States, nor anywhere in the kingdom ofthe royal palace, nor the end of the Edo period, not a fantasy,love in the real world.


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