Automatic updates keeps updating same patch

automatic updates keeps updating same patch-76
As a result, Microsoft has changed its patching scheme for the latest iteration of Windows in an effort to keep the window of vulnerability as small as possible.Throughout the entire Technical Preview a whole new scheme for updating Windows 10 was used.

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It involved fast and slow rings, which controlled how frequently updates were installed on the participant’s devices depending on which ring they belonged to.

Now that Windows 10 is being sent out into the wild, update branches (described below) will be used to decide who gets updates at what time once they are available.

In the image above, the top portion shows the group policy entries, while the bottom shows the values in the registry when both the automatic download and install of updates and the offer to update to the latest version of Windows options are turned off (enabled) under build 10041.

Manually entering the appropriate registry keys and values results in no change in behavior for the release version of Windows 10.

It no longer exists in the release build nor are they included in the group policy administrative template files and reference spreadsheet released by Microsoft on July 30th.

in order to find out if these settings were only removed from the Local Group Policy Editor, yet remained functional by manually editing the registry.In the middle, we have the Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions with the Current Branch for Business (CBB). It has advantages, like improved security, but it can also go wrong. The other issue that arises with the Home edition is that Microsoft has decided to apply the same behavior to all apps installed from the Store.It allows users to defer updates for an unspecified amount of time before they are forced onto the machines. A user can initiate an update check and install cycle, but you cannot select what updates will be applied. At the time of this writing, there is no way to change the app update setting in the Home edition other than upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.After making the purchase, it will be delivered through the Store update mechanism.If you don’t intend on using any of the additional features of the Pro version, any device you have running Win 10 Home will be able to successfully run Pro.However, if a deadline update requires a reboot, then the reboot cannot be postponed – the Postpone button in the dialog will be disabled.With all of the Internet-connected Windows computers in the world today, Microsoft has faced challenges in keeping all of those machines as secure as possible.There is also a local version that can be used on some editions of Windows, generally Professional and higher.Previous builds during the development process included a setting in group policy to change the app update behavior machine-wide.There are additional requirements for specific features such as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 or 2.0 or a USB drive to use Bit Locker, or a minimum of 4 GB of RAM for Hyper-V to run virtual machines (only available with the 64-bit version).It’s also worth noting that there are rumors that an incoming update due in September will allow Windows 10 Home users to deactivate automatic updates.


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