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After two years the business folded and the store was taken over by a chain of five shops, going by the name of Pandora.The Church Street store was the only plus-size branch, and was called Pandora Plus – the whole enterprise being owned by Trish Conroy.

It's a friendly, non-judgemental, yet highly knowledgeable space – so please feel free to participate.

Wigs help to make existence simpler for each lady, however occasionally these people obtain poor push.

These types of myths tend to be delivered through exactly how wigs had been created more than two decades back. Wigs these days tend to be more safe, comfy as well as stunning than ever before.

We are right here in order to bust line the actual misconceptions giving wigs an adverse status.

The main reason why suppliers use agents is to have access to the stockists.

Please don't buy any lists available online - they're basically a scam.Her prices are very reasonable and the quality of work first class.She is away at the moment but her number is 01273 696410 Please could anyone recommend any stores that might want to stock my plus size swimwear range?The Emma Plus store is now history, and lives on only in the memories of those who experienced it and in this forum (and in the many lovely received from customers).We invite readers to talk fashion, discuss issues involving larger women, ask or share style or fit questions/insights, and generally hook up in the pursuit of the perfect look for larger women.Kind Regards, Alice Jacob Mobile no: 07843569412 Hi Alice, Thank you for your lovely words- I have indeed heard of Lady Bountiful in Manchester.I've not been lucky enough to visit your shop yet (it's a long way from Brighton), but I've heard such lovely things about it that I certainly will, if I'm ever in the vicinity!I manufacture and sell a selection of plus size swimsuits and swimdresses up to a size 26.Currently they are only available online at I would like people to be able touch, feel and try the garments on as I feel sure that they would fly out of the window. Liz x Hi Liz Congratulations on two counts - creating plus-size swimwear and appreciating the need for larger women to try on their clothes before buying them!Congratulations on being one of the very last plus-size independent boutiques- there really are very few around now.I know that every time one closes, it breaks the heart of the customers, who are like a family.


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