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The central region of the tribe of Dan is listed in Joshua ."and Eltekah and Gibbethon and Baalath," Na'aman calls these cities the "mid-west" of the Danite territory.The town list of the tribe of Dan appears to be grouped along a southeast to northwest axis. "And the territory of their inheritance was Zorah and Eshtaol and Irshemesh." Irshemesh is also Beth-shemesh.

Much of the population in this region was exiled to Assyria, and many cities were burned and destroyed.

The tribe of Dan, thus, maintained some sort of presence in the area despite their much earlier migration.

Even before the Assyrian push into the Shephelah, the Danites experienced intense pressure from nearby enemies.

These cities, along with the other western cities of Dan, mentioned below, are very similar to a list of cities found in Sennacherib's Annals.

Sennacherib makes mention of Joppa, Bene-berek, Azor, Eltekeh, Timnah, and Ekron.


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