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Sometimes you need to be mean to get through the hell of everyday life and people don't like you for it, but you think, "hey, if I wasn't a little bit mean it's possible I wouldn't even be talking to you. Actually, all those basement flashbacks started getting on my nerves Ghaaaaaaa!!! Great characterization, nice and twisty plot, and I really love the title sequence :-).Everything you like about me might not have been possible without me standing up for myself." You can never be the person someone else wants all of the time. Ji Sung is good , when he acted like he is Ahn Yo Na , I love it . This is one of the best drama 's that I have ever watched. Actually the writer is quite creative by making this story with a leading men that has dissociative identity disorder. It's good to watch if your looking for romantic comedy with a bit of medical drama. I must say they all deserved to received those awards this drama was so good the storyline is awesome kudos to the writers and the actors here especialy ji sung who played a lot of character daebaaaaakkkk!!!!!!

Her plan was to say the child was Cha Joon Pyo's so that the child could grow up in a better environment. i was captured by the story.emotions..happiness, suspense,mystery, love,family.. Maybe its my background, but the female lead is so classless.

The mom planned for Ri Jin to live in the Seung Jin family pretending to be the daughter of Cha Joon Pyo. and I cried a lot because of what happened why ji sung character turn to be like that.. I know Korean don't like gays but,if ahn yo nah dress like girls ji sung got the award but anyway the acting was excellent no if no in Korea ji sung and hwang jeum. For heaven sae, is that how an adult behave in Korea without class????? i really like the story line because went you watch u get excited for the upcoming scenes and also ji sung and jung eum are the best actor i really ship both of them since secret drama it was really touching went other personality gone ..

But everything pales in comparison to the excellent performance (S) here. The kids who play their younger selves are just so natural! It makes the story funny and it just makes her a lively and charming girl (just like kim bok joo). please let me know which episode she will stop screaming.

Park Seo Joon,another fave, is a second lead type here but has some of the most hilarious scenes in this show. She behaves like a doctor when she speaks with such concern to the other personality and patients mostly when she tries to behave se gi. at first i was not interested in watching,but after seeing info and watching the trailer i started watching will be the top ten dramas of my fav korean drama ever this drama from first to the last epi it was full of comedy.i liked shin se gi character most and also ahn yo na,yona char was too best bcoz i loved the comedy btw male lead and second male lead(female lead bro).i would like to want to see a drama of shin segi char with jisung onlyy bcoz only he can do.

The messages are powerful and equally well delivered by excellent execution. Like the previous comment says, she's constantly screaming and making a fuss out of nothing - no wonder people think she's the patient! He could quite control himself around Rijin but in any other situation he was a VERY dangerous person.

This is one of those rare shows which don't have useless scenes and dialogue at all. Dohyun was mature and responsible and that's why he survived.hi guys, so I started this drama, just seen the first episode. Thank you so much for trying hard and giving this lovely experience to us In the first episodes i loved the couple Dohyun and Rijin so much but when Segi keeps appearing with his attractive personnality and his charming,his dealing with rijin, he killed everything he became the focus of the story to me, in every episode i watch i wait for him to appear and i find the epi so empty without him..despite he is the same cha dohyun but i don't like and feel the love between dohyun and Rijin nor his pain his happiness.Shin Segi This drama is so good! But the top of all the prefections is Ji Sung's acting, daebak! All of the characters, Do Hyun, Se Gi, Perry, Nana, Yoo Suk, Yoo Na, Mr. The idea that one personality was jealous of the other is something we can relate too. Speechless huhu Acting - 11/10, Story/ Plot - 8/10, Characters - 9/10, Music - 8/10, Overall entertainment - 8/10 If I divide this series in half, I'd give it a perfect score for the first half, but things kind'a went downhill for me after all the personalities have come out. Maybe just a few too many moving parts, and just a bit pretentious, but definitely some of my all-time favorite far, I'm not really liking it but i know the ratings are good. does the main girl falls in love with bad se jin because that will piss me off? There's always times when feel like we have to be a certain person to others but also times when we have to be another contradictory person. After that, I felt that they were trying too hard to sell me the "great, big, shocking" secret of the past which was too much for me-- perhaps it was too great and shocking that I found it really absurd, I dunno~. it really excites me how cha do hyun changes into different lersonality. It's smooth without being arrogant and it remembers to keep the far-fetched elements in the setup instead of the resolution.Heavy subjects are tackled without fickleness and the ending is very well tied up. I personally wanted to see all characters mix together and build a new Dohyun but things don't always go as you like and expect kekeke Anyways, this drama was AWESOME!!! This drama is SUPERB.......made me hook up and wait for each and every episode.......shin se gi and oh ri Jin were awesome....lovely who played the role of ch do hyun was really good his acting was superb..depicted each and every personality welll........awesome show awesome actors a must watch drama....... I dreamt of being a psychiatrist and a writer but never put in to one. I never imagined a mini series show like this exists...I am now a fan of this writer (also enjoyed Chicago Typewriter) P. This show reminded me a lot of the Indian movie "Anniyan" (The stranger) where Tamil superstar Vikram brought to life 3 distinct personalities. after watching this drama, i'm so happy that the roles were played by ji sung and hwang jungeum! i don't know how well the drama would have done with the original casting. It became my favorite drama after like 5 episodes and I was dying of excitement before each episode aired... AND Jisung oppa is the most amazing actor I've ever seen!!! the moment that i like in this drama when shin se gi and o ri jin meet i really like,them i wish that they will to be married in real life but when i found that they are both married with someone my heart stop pumping blood!!! Much better than Reply 1997, which I'm watching now. I never knew I could fall in love with Kill Me Heal Me. Everytime Im watching it I got jealous, I feel intense, it gives me different emotions. Lol I got so much to say but for now, I LOVED AND STILL LOVING IT. Started re watching this last night, definitely holds up well.The writing, direction and acting is flawless here! This drama had everything romance, fun, science, tragedy, everything.I have enjoyed watching Ji Sung in "Protect the boss ", "Kim soo ro" , "Entertainer" and "Secret Love". I definitely recommend Why is o ri jin's shouting such a big deal for these guys.This drama is really fun to watch especially since the lead has D. D and tbh i like shin se gi better than cha do hyun!! My friend recommended this drama to me a couple month ago, and I wasnt interested. Now I already finished the drama and I really miss Ahn Yo Na ): So far, it is best drama in 2015. PSJ should have been the main character (very blind directors ) Fighting PSJ !!!!!!!!! i like the love which he had 4 his little sis more. thumbs up only 4 the actor Park Seo Jin as Oh Ri On .2 days ago I decided to watch this drama because I didnt have anything to be watched. a very unreasonable character in this drama is Oh ri jin . act more u r the best actor i have ever seen from the more than 1000 dramas i have watched!!!!!! He really made his love 4 her park seo joon .... None must have noticed it but I think he ahd played an interesting main role in the drama unless Ji Sung. @Cha Do Hyun ~ Thank you so much for your explanation .helps me a lot to understand this drama ..i will keep on watching until the final episode to find out what is that(big plot twist)..Remember...tick tick...7,2015 at 10 o' clock on the dot..time i fell for you...was the coolest and most romantic proposal i ever watched in korean drama Aww im super in love .. Just finished watching Healer so I guess I'm still not over its wonderfulness and my expectations are high but i don't know hm.. Hopefully, I'll like it Jisung is an awesome actor. This is my second time watch hwang Jung eum drama, the first one was full house take 2. So this drama is really recommended ^^ watch it and you won't regret it ji sung is very talented actor. I love the storyline, how each of the personality creates chaos that provides different elements to the story, though the suspense on the "great secret" seems rather exaggerated, especially since they keep dragging it. I have no idea how he managed to portray each of the personality so perfectly. It's definitely not easy to act as a beauty and pretty boy obsessed teenage girl. Who can resist those charms ☺ i really really like this drama . and Oh Ri-Jin I want to be like her, her personality is the best she's so pretty..Ji sung ,ilove the way he aacted here all cast is excelent.makes me cry,excited,happy and inlove i love se gi and oh ri oh..definitely worth watcing its verry different.i did watch she was pretty....i also love it :) Godbless i'm on the first episode and it's pretty boring. I'm a huge fan of psychological drama and I've read the plot and it seems interesting but why does it start off extremely boring? he successfully portrays different personalities and I think that's made the drama leaves great impact for me. and Oh Ri-On God he's so Cute :) I really really love this drama. I watched many korean drama but this is the most i enjoyed.


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