Are dreya and tony horton dating

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Dreya Weber (born May 8, 1961) is an American actress, producer and aerialist.

She returned from Mexico to attend Hunter College in New York.

She produced and stars in The Gymnast (film) (2006) which took home 28 festival awards, including Best Feature at Outfest, Newfest and Frameline, and demonstrated her aerialist skills.

Tony Horton has been the instructor and guru of many popular celebrities and he is also well famous for his P90X Fitness Program, his fitness enterprise called ASH, and as a spokesman for the Nordic Track.

These are the major contributors towards his total net worth.

Here is what little we know: That’s all I’ve got so far, plus the video clip below.

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In an attempt to circumvent the cumbersome bodybuilder look, Horton focused more on workout routines to get balance, speed, and flexibility.

Later on, he collaborated with Mark Sisson (former triathlete), who made him learn interval training.

Recently, he has also provided fitness training to actor Ewan Mc Gregor and multiple-Grammy-winner Raymond.

Additionally, he has created workout designs for fitness and health magazines, and for television programs, such as the “Dr. Tony has launched several videos in which, he has explained about different workouts and exercises.


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