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The egg in question hatches after 10 days to produce a tiny, 1.5cm-long baby.This infant is nourished on milk that seeps out on to the mother's under-fur, monotremes having – you guessed it – no nipples.

One of its other members, ‘Xav’, whose profile marked his “Interests” as “Gassing kikes”, posted the group’s catchphrase “We’re the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for”.

Ideology and Symbology Antipodean Resistance is a neo-Nazi group.

Or perhaps, like many Australian creatures, it was simply being perverse. And it looks weird, too, like an outsized hedgehog with the snout of a clanger.

An aboriginal myth explains the spines: the echidna came into being, apparently, after hunters threw spears into a wombat. Early scientists, however, were more puzzled by the egg.

hen Napoleon Bonaparte brought France under his control a little over two hundred years ago, he came up with a simple plan for dealing with the pesky British, who were holding out against domination by a foreign power.

He devised the Continental System, an effective blockade on Britain, preventing them from trading with Europe.

He felt sure this would lead to Britain’s economic collapse.

Unwittingly, le Petit Caporal provided Britain with the impetus it needed to kick start a new golden era of global trade.

Jews as a group are portrayed as controlling the mechanisms of power in the world – banking, government, and media – to the utter detriment of the European races.

This old conspiracy theory has been updated to include the more contemporary conviction that “the Jews” are plotting “White Genocide” through mass immigration of non-whites into white majority countries.


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