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In general Turkish men tend to consider women in a marriage much more serious and esteem them carefully than women who live together, I am sorry to let this sound a bit offensive, but that is reality in the culture over there even with Turks who are slightly secularized muslims.

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7-Some things are really offensive like interrupting (it shows a lack of respect) and something REALLY important is to be patient if your girlfriend is speaking English as a second language.

If you're arguing its so hard because you're mad but you have to be patient, dont raise your voice (thats bad too and is often misunderstood when its raised as a sign of intonation (sp? Its difficult enough to speak another language, let alone when you're pissed off and not thinking clearly...

Oh my goodness, I wish this question were reversed. I have LOTS of answers for that and perhaps some are commonly shared amongst both sexes.

From my experience (I'm a 25 year old (more mature) American woman and my serious boyfriend is a 25 year old (more mature) Turkish man).

We have cultural (and some individual or a mix) clashes all the time... Here are just a few: 1-Things are shared between the two of you immediately.

I said "Help yourself to my groceries" and that made him sad because it drew a line between the two of us... Relationships in general are just a lot more close, trusting, and intimate a whole lot sooner than we usually do it in America (most of the rest of the world i think? 3-Turkish men..least my boyfriend, is the most emotional man I've ever seen or met. Basically if I said a rude comment or if I stood him up... 5-At least with my boyfriend it seems that he feels the need to be with me whenever I need him.something nice for me to say ended up offending him and really making him feel sad. 2-Tell your partner where you're going if you're going somewhere (not to the grocery store or to get gas or something but out to dinner, to a movie, out with friends, etc.). I'm not sure if this is common amongst men of that region but I've never experienced anything quite like it... My problem is learning how to deal with one or two day "cave man" ... 4-Everything big or small seems to be reacted upon on the same level. For example- if I'm sick I say "go ahead without me..They don't really care that you're going and its not a control thing (at least not in my case) but like to feel as a unit and closeness is key. I'll just sleep" and my previous American boyfriends would go, and that would be that.I know the US has a smart system of knowledge immigrant admission, many asians and latins but in percentage far far more less muslims, on 300 milj inhabitants about 2 % is from Arab/Turkish descent. others, like the daughter of my father's former colleague has a Turkish husband, they really married in Belgium and also in Turkey.This is different in Western Europe, were only Germany got already about 3 milj. getting to know eachother's families yeah yeah and she is the only love of his life!!Turkey herself is a strange complete answer to anything..luck.Submitted by Robrecht De keyzer (Netherlands), Aug 12, 2007 at Comment on "I am an American Woman married to a Turkish man" Submitted by Samantha, Aug 1, 2007 at Dear Dear Samantha, I did not understand a particular aspect of your subject line though I could figure out you are stating in your there that you are married to a Turkish man but in the text you state you've got a boyfriend....Its sweet of course but hard to get used to when its reversed.6-My boyfriend isn't religious and neither is anyone in his family.... I know families are more protective over girls than guys so getting in with the family may be a bit more difficult from that perspective than it would be for me.?Turkish men are all different according to his religion, place of birth, familial upbringing.There are no complete generalizations, but keep in mind, sometimes men are more prized in Turkish society.


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