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Abundantia/ Abundita Roman A goddess of agriculture & abundance 40. Adekagagwaa Iroquois The spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south 65. Adrammelech Mideast A god to whom infants were burnt in sacrifice [only reference to the practice in the christian OT] 77. Adrasteia Greek/ Thrace/ Trojan/ Phyragean A mountain goddess that is the guardian of righteousness & avenges is all wrongs 79. Adroa Africa A god that is the an early version of Adro 81. Aebhel Afekan Melanesia/ New Guinea The creator goddess 85. Puta Roman A goddess responsible for the proper pruning of trees & shrubs respond 3869. Qa'wadliliquala Dza'wadeenox BC Canada Not only the Supreme God, but the guardian of the tribe as well as a river deity that insurers the salmon run 3872. Qaitakalnin Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit 3874. Qebui Egypt A four headed, winged, ram headed god of the north wind 3877. Qeskina'qu Koryak/ Siberia The sky spirit the apotheosis of daylight 3879. Qetesh Syria A goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic 3881. Tork Armenian A mountain god that is very hard on the eyes 4615. Trivikrama Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A god that may have been a sun god but is accepted as an incarnation of Visnu 4637. Adhimukticarya Buddhist/ Vajrayana A minor goddess & deified Bhumis 68. Adityas Hindu The divine sons of Aditi, Varuna Aditya, Indra, Mitra, Rudra, Tvashtar & Vishnu 74. Adonis Phoenicia/ Syria A dying & resurrected god that embodies vegetation scorched by the heat of the summer sunshine 76. Aeacoc Greek/ Roman A chthonic underworld god & 1 of the 3 gods of Hades 84. Pusya Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another minor goddess of fortune 3868. Quabso Tanzania A goddess of health, fertility & rain 3883. Quinkini A'qu Koryak/ Siberia The founder of the world 3893. Tonenili Navaho The rain god the controls waters from the skies 4608. Originally, a patron of cultivated land, keeper of lot. Tork Armenia This god is the guardian of the mountains & their inhabitants 4614. Tsai Shen China A god of wealth, associated with the mandarins 4642. Agnostos Theos Greek The unknown gods that were always worshipped as a group 121. Agrotera Greek A goddess of good health & hunting 123. Ajbit Maya A god that helped create people [13 were involved] 209. Ajtzak Maya Another god that helped create people 213. Akhushtal Maya She is the goddess of childbirth 225. Alastor Greek A mortal that became a minor spirit that avenged evil deeds & demanded vengeance for crimes 249. Alauwaimis Hittite This demon drives away evil & sickness 253. Albina Etruscan A dawn goddess & protector of ill fated lovers 255.

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Ahriman Zoroastrianism The supreme evil spirit & lord of the darkness and death 162.

Alom Maya A sky god that helped 6 other gods create the world 275. Amesha Spentas/ Yazatas They are gods without being gods & created without being creatures[6 in number] 313. Pusan Hindu/ Puranic/ Vedic A god of possessions, physical prowess, strength 3862. Puspatara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess 3866. Quetzalcoatl/ Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Aztec A manifestation of sun the god, he is a savior of his people as well & there is not enough room here to tell his story 3891. Tonatiuh/ Pilzintecutli Aztec/ Nahua The sun god & a god of war 4606. Topoh Pokot/ Suk / Uganda An astral god associated with the evening star 4612.

(He is the One True God) Gods you may not worship: Name Origin Description 1. Ah Can Cum/ Acaum Maya A hunter & protector of the animals god 132. Ah Mun Maya The god responsible for protecting the green maize 142. Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods 144. Ah Uaynih Guatemala A goddess of sleep, specifically males 148. Ah Uuc Ticab Maya A minor vegetation & fertility god 150. Aha Yakut/ Siberia A river spirit, female type 152. Ahau Chamahez Maya He is one of two gods of medicine 154. Ahemait Egypt An underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy 156. Ai Tojon Yakut/ Siberia A god that created all light 172. Aiaru Polynesia Her function is to predict death 176. Aibheaeg Irish A goddess of fire & of toothaches 178. Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo 180.

Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea 126. Ah Bolom Tzacab Maya A god of agriculture who controlled rain & thunder 130. Ah Kin Maya The sun god who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness 138. Airmid Irish A goddess of all healing arts & witchcraft 192. Airyaman Persia A god of social bonds, contracts, & marriage who at the end of time will fish souls of the the temporarily damned called a Hell by using a net 194. Aisha Qandisha Morocco A goddess of sexual activity 196. Aius Locutius Roman A god supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B. Aizen-Myoo Japan The god of tavern keepers, musicians, singers, prostitutes & love 202. Aja Yoruba A goddess of healing, herbs & of knowledge 204.

Abhijit Hindu/ Puranic A benevolent astral deity & goddess of fortune 30. Acala India/ Buddhism This god is protector of of the teaching & defends temples 42. Acaviser/ Lasas Etruscan A goddess, one of the fates 44. Acca Larentia Etruscan/ Roman An earth goddess & goddess of winter 46. Achlae/ Aclelous/ Acleloos/ Achelous Greek A river god of some standing in the community 52. Aclla Inca/ Quechua A goddesses of war & virgins 54. Acolmiztli Aztec A minor chthonic underworld god 56. Adad Babylonian/ Mesopotamia The god of wind, storm, flood & rain 59. Aed Celtic/ Irish An underworld god known only from inscription 87. Aeolos Greek He was the custodian of the four winds 93. Aerten/ Aerfen/ Aeron Wales/ Cornish A goddess of fate 96. Ala Nigeria A goddess of fertility, morality & of justice 240. Totilma'il Maya/ Tzotzi An androgynous creator being 4619. Trayasrinsa Hindu/ Vedic The collective name for the group of Deva gods 4629. Trimurti Hindu The collective name of the major triad 4633.

Abgal/ Apkallu Sumeria 7 spirits that derived from the the Abzu 29. The supreme Being that sat in heaven & caused the stars to move 35. Abraxas/ Abrsax/ Abraxis Greek/ Oriental an occult theonym this god has the torso & arms of a man, head of a rooster & serpent legs 37. Abziu Sumeria/ Mesopotamia The primordial deity of underground water 41. Achiyalatopa Zuni A celestial giant monster with feathers of flint knives 51. Aebhel/ Aeval Irish A goddess who is a faery [interesting story] 86. Aegeria Roman A goddess of prophecy invoked by pregnant women 90. Aengus Celtic/ Irish worshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD 92. Aericura Celtic/ Roman An underworld god known only from inscription 95. Pwyll/ Pwyll Pen Annwn Wales Sometimes the ruler of the underworld 3870. Qamai'ts/ Sisnaaxil/ Ek Yakimtolsil Bella Coola/ BC Canada The creator goddess that lives in the upper heavens & controls the earth, she is never prayed to 3875. Tornarssuk Inuit The supreme being & master of the Tornat[the controlling deities] 4616. Tororut Pokot/ Suk / Uganda He is the creator god 4618. Trikantakidevi Hindu goddess of terrible appearance 4632.

Ama Terasu Japan The sun goddess queen of the universe 287. Amagandar/ Orokannar Tungus/ Siberia Protective female spirits 291. Ame-No-Tanabata-Hime-No-Mikoto Japan/ Shinto The goddess of weavers 306. Ammon/ Amen Egypt The god of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war 325. Pariacaca Inca A weather god response will for rain & thunder 3705. Patrimpas Lithuanian A god of agriculture, joy, peace, springtime 3717. Purvabhahadrapada Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A benevolent minor goddess of fortune 3859. Rahko Finland The Karelian god of time; Rahko tars the moon describes the phases of the moon. Rahu Hindu The primordial cosmic deity, therefore a god 3906. Raijin Japan/ Shinto The weather gods, inclusive 3908. Ratis Celtic A goddess of protective fortifications 3924. Resphu Syria A god of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta 3936. Revati Hind/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune 3938. Tonachacihuatl Aztec The feminine primordial deity 4599. Tsilah Haiti/ Vodun A goddess of fortune & beauty 4651.

Ama No Uzume Japan The witty goddess of persuasion 286. Amasagnul Babylon/ Akkadia She is a fertility goddess 293. Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami/ Amaterasu Omikami Japan/ Shinto The sun goddess 295. Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto The supreme god from about 600 CE till now 305. Ammit Egypt He ate the hearts of unworthy souls 324. Parce Greek/ Roman A pair birth goddesses became the goddesses of fate 3702. Parendi Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of prosperity associated with accumulating wealth 3704. Purusa Hindu/ Vedic A primeval creator god, the primordial being from whom the cosmos was formed 3858. Radha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of emotional love 3902. Ragno Hopi She is associated with the creation of life 3904. Rangda Balinese A goddess of fertility & of sexuality, Lust 3917. Rati mbati ndua Fiji The god of the underworld who devours the dead 3923. Ravana Hindu The demon King of Lanka who abducted Sita 3927. Renenutet Egypt A goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet 3929. Reseph Mikal Phoenicia A god of lightning & thunder 3933. Resheph/ Mikal/ Mekal Phoenicia The god of plague & of the underworld 3935. Tonacatecuhtli Aztec The male primordial deity 4598. Tsichtinako Acoma The female spirit of the creation myth 4650. Tu China A chthonic earth goddess & fertility spirit 4656.

Ame No Uzume Japanese A goddess of fertility & happiness 302. Angina Roman Another goddess of health, specifically of sore throats 375. Angitia Roman Early goddess of healing & witchcraft 377. Nissaba Mesopotamia/ Sumeria The goddess of writing & wisdom that started life as a vegetation goddess 3490. Papaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus 3697. Peju'lpe Yukaghir/ Siberia Aes guardian spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary 3725. Pellervo (or Sampsa Pellervoinen) Finland The god of harvest. Pellon Pekko Finnish A god responsible for the duration & harvest in the barley, used to make beer. Pen Annwen Welsh An underworld god almost synonymous with Pwyll & Pryderi 3733. Pukkeenegak Inuit A goddess of childbirth & clothes making 3855. Tnecei'vune Chukchee/ Siberia A spirit of the dawn, one of four beings that control the dawn of from different directions 4576. Tonacaciahutl Aztec A primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, female principle 4595. Tule Zande Sudan The spider god who brought the seeds of all the plants on earth 4664. Tumatauenga Polynesian A god of war who was given charge over mankind 4666. Vidyraja Buddhist/ Meola A tutelary god concerned with the implementation of the law 4834.

Ambisagrus/ Bussumarus Britain The weather deity 301. Anat/ Anath Canaan A goddess of war, hunting & love 355. Angerona Roman A goddess anguish, secrecy, silence & the winter solstice 374. Nirriti Hindu/ Vedic A goddess of corruption, decay, disease, healing & of destruction of evil 3487. Nispannattara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess 3489. Papa Hawaii/ Maori/ New Zealand A goddess of the earth 3694. Papatuanuku Polynesia A chthonic mother goddess that evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night 3696. Pele Hawaiian A goddess of fire, volcanoes & witchcraft 3729. Pukkasi Buddhist/ Vajrayana/ Tibet A goddess that is of terrifying appearance, why I do not know 3854. Rohini Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune 3953. Tlitcaplitana Bella Coola A goddess of healing 4571. Tna'nto Koryak/ Siberia The spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified 4575. Toa'lalit Bella Coola/ Canada This god of hunters oversees hunting mountain goats 4579. Tomwo'get Koryak/ SE Siberia He is an archetypical creator being 4594. Vidyesvara Hindu The generic title for the eight emancipated beings that are aspects of Siva 4833. Viracocha Inca A god of storms & war The chief deity 4837.


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