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It would be convenient to assume that the Netflix library is synonymous worldwide, especially for those who have a taste for travel. The US library towers over every other country due to the differing copyright laws in other countries.

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Here we enlighten you on how to watch Netflix abroad…In late 2009, only 500 people were using this website launched by a teenager.Today, Chatroulette gets more than a million visitors daily.What would you, as a web app user, want to see in a stranger-to-stranger video chat service?From creepy to cute, here are a few Chatroulette clones we dig.Of course, the website tells visitors that it does not tolerate obscene, offending, pornographic material to be broadcast, but since when has such a message deterred anyone?Meanwhile, an article in the English part of Der Spiegel shows that the young man is being wooed, because of the site's potential success, by Russian millionaires as well as US investors.Where on Facebook and Twitter you choose the people whose lives (and perversions) you wish to gain access to, on Chat Roulette all you have is the “Next” button. Which means you’ll see a lot of what you don’t want to see before you see something you do.It’s naive, as Fletcher suggests, to expect anything less than “brutal” in such circumstances.For those avid travelers among you, even with a US Netflix account, you’ll notice that your Netflix library changes as you set foot on foreign soil.This Netflix’s way of enforcing national licensing restrictions.


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