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Since I've been in the industry, I've had three relationships.

I worked my way up and now I only shoot for the best companies, but I've definitely learned that those situations The stigma around watching porn is really changing. Even mainstream songs have lyrics like "eat the booty like groceries." Kim Kardashian was a porn star — look where she is now. It's the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson dream come true.

Related | No Filter: An Afternoon With Kim Kardashian How do you balance your own romantic relationships with this work? I was in a romantic relationship for about three years, but a couple of weeks ago we took a slight hiatus just because it's hard.

I didn't know there was a Sasha Grey, or that your girl next door types could be so popular and famous in porn.

I've never been in the experience of [Rashida Jones' Netflix series] or anything like that. But I still was in the lower end of the industry in the beginning. Maybe people aren't as religious or something, but the culture has changed and become so much more accepting.

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Sometimes for me, I just feel like it's on an intellectual level.

If you're too emotional, it's going to be too complicated. Being able to do these funny skits — these really over-the-top ridiculous scenarios that don't really happen in real life. I may have never gotten the opportunity to dress up a gay boy in a pony outfit and have strap on sex with him. If my lover ever said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass" and they're a man, I would never speak shamefully of him or think anything wrong of it. Being on set and getting the opportunity to experience those types of things is amazing.


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