Am i shallow dating

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We decide to send pictures to eachother and I see hers and she is quite ugly.

Okay for example I just meet this girl on the internet, we start talking and I think she is pretty cool.

But then you talk to him and you realize why women are attracted to him.

Women have it harder in that aspect, because men and women are attracted to different things.

We all need to be mindful of our tendency to respond to people based on looks, and to strive to value everyone equally, whether they’re sparkling and beautiful, or unlovely and odd.

But when it comes to picking a husband or wife, I don’t believe we should feel guilty for wanting to be attracted to them. Of course, sexual attraction (which isn’t the same as good looks – I’ve been wildly attracted to some positively plain men in my time) isn’t everything.I have went out with less attractive girls that were secure and not as shallow and they were a lot funner. Women tend to evaluate more than looks in a guy, like for instance I want a man who is not only hot but athletic, smart, liberal, not religious, sociable, successful, etc.Often really quality guys expect a woman to be in perfect physical condition and basically to look like a porn star which can be tough for women to live up to.If you're not attracted then don't date them but don't disgard them like they are nothing. You say that you want to keep chatting with this girl. I say keep talking to her and you might form a bond that will allow you to look past what you think is ugly. First off, I need to say that physical attraction is not on the top of the list of "important" qualities, but attraction physically should be there to some degree. Neither one of us had any physical attraction towards eachother.This is going to sound really shallow too, but hey..less than perfect girls are AWESOME between the sheets. She was not someone I would've considered being my type in any way, and vice versa for her.’ I’m surprised how many people – both women and men – write to me because they’re worried that they ‘ought’ to date someone they’re not attracted to, and to insist on attraction would be superficial and un Godly.Certainly, the Bible tells us that God looks not at outward appearances, but at the heart.There are a lot of great people out there and not all of them are Playboy material, but that doesn't and shouldn't really matter.People are people and the outside is just temporary packaging.Beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder, and it all depends on what "eyes" you are looking through. Taking time to get to know someone from the inside out ,instead of the outside in, can change everything.I've always considered myself shallow, If someone wasn't physically stunning right off the bat, I wouldn't give her a second glance. This was one of the best experiences I've ever had, It changed me and the way I look at people. You might experience a life changing "magic" Mr Shannon What a great post. You can't judge someone solely based on their outward appearance. I have met guys who I thought were not the most physically attractive men out there at the time, but I became attracted to them for something much more than the physical: their soul and spirit.


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