Am i dating a deadbeat

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With that type of thinking, he'll be putting his debt in your name in no time!If you have your finances on the right track or are making strides to do so, be careful of the company you keep and especially those you choose to date.

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The idea of a boy who never grows up is promoted and even romanticized in our culture as sexy or just “the way men are.” Sadly, women often pay the price for such a prize because there are consequences to keeping this type of “man” in check. This may partly explain why men, by and large, benefit more from marriage than do women.

Marriage brings most men greater happiness, better physical health, and more wealth than their bachelor counterparts.

When around you, he doesn’t exude this silly-fun-self and you feel like a buzz kill.

Men who never grow up don’t know how to deal with adult women who want to have adult conversation.

Okay, if he moved in last Saturday, then we can give him a pass, but if he's a grown man and he's been there longer than 30 days with no real furniture, chances are he's not the baller you thought he was. But, everytime you come to that empty apartment/"condo," his refrigerator is just as bare with the exception of the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda he uses to keep the ice fresh.

Am i dating a deadbeat countyr dating

The only thing worse would be him living in a fully furnished home. Be leery of anyone who is so concerned about impressing complete strangers on Saturday night, he'll starve for the rest of the week.

Red Flag #3: Have you ever seen him get his mail out of the mailbox? He can't be in control of his finances if he's ignoring his mail.

Someone who has their finances together won't want to run the risk of missing something important.

However, just like parenting a teenager, each time you nag you enable his behaviors. When you stop the nagging and try to bring up deeper issues or your deeper needs, he makes a joke, changes the topic, looks at his phone, or turns the tables on you by telling you what you are doing wrong in the relationship.

Instead of owning what he didn’t do, he can deflect it through blaming you for being such a complaining nag. The last thing a “man child” wants is a confrontation, and he will do anything to stop one in its tracks.


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