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AFP manages annual and semi-annual inspections for properties throughout the City of Albany, New York’s Capital Region, Hudson Valley, North Country, and beyond.

AFP offers competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and on-the-spot feedback.

We address deficiencies quickly and thoroughly to keep our customers fully protected and compliant with NFP A 20 and 25, local authorities, and their insurance company.

Our skilled sprinkler and life safety inspectors receive the same rigorous instruction as our installation professionals as well as additional on-the-job training in: Albany Fire Protection is licensed by the New York State Department of Health to test, inspect, and certify both sprinkler and domestic backflow prevention devices, including air gap, reduced pressure zone device, double check valve assembly, and any equivalent device designed to prevent or contain potential contamination of a public water system.

They have proven their knowledge of and experience in all aspects of water-based fire protection systems, including but not limited to: Whether the project is a design build or a fit-up for an office, retail, or tenant space, AFP design technicians communicate with our clients and our installation team throughout each phase of every project.

A sprinkler system designed by Albany Fire Protection will meet all NFP A standards while upholding the aesthetic integrity of the building it is designed to protect.

Albany was the first settlement in Western Australia and named Fredricktown as such has some of the oldest heritage buildings and right beside them you find modern architecture at its best! Giving you a feel of the past with the fun of the future.

Home to the legend of Anzac and where the first Dawn service, Lest We Forget, took place.

All AFP inspectors are certified in the inspection of said devices.

Albany Fire Protection provides maintenance services for all types of wet and dry sprinkler systems, including pre-action, deluge, electric fire pump, diesel fire pump, and fire hydrants, as well as for sprinkler and domestic backflow prevention devices.


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