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We didn’t realize that during the movie it had rained outside.

“I love you Ajit” said my wife in dreamy romantic voice.“oh my baby, I love u so much” came my reply. Even holding hands or keeping our arms around each other, is quite demonstrative by our standard.She was not like most of the loud frivolous youngsters.She was open with me but for the rest she was almost like a nun. It was best to go home for coffee as I was beginning to feel a bit tired with the walking. Though I must say , the years have treated Jyoti well. Well, just a bit healthier than what she was at 20, but still in proper slim shape.Chapter 1It was after a couple of years that my wife Jyoti and me finally saw a film in a cinema hall.I hardly get time from my busy work schedule and prefer to watch movies on television.And in no measure did we look like a young desperate couple. I was getting older, but I could still lose my temper at times. “Please let us not spoil the nice evening we had, because of these goons” she urged. I could see they were quite drunk and were beyond rationale thinking.“ Hero banta hai, saala”, one of the guys taunted me (“You are trying to be a hero”)And before I could react couple of guys walked upto me and pushed me against the wall next to the pavement. But I guess these guys also realized that anyone could come by our way.“unko who building ke andar le chal” instructed one of the guys to the rest as he pointed to a broked abandoned building.(“take them both to that building”)I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach. Each one of them was bigger , stronger and younger to me.“abey hero , agar tunhe stunts karne ki koshish ki, to teri darling ko cheedh kar rakh denge” , one of the guys warned me. She was weeping relentlessly“Arey Papoo, mazaa aayega isko chodne mein” laughed the tallest guy “badi juicy hai”(“Hey, Papoo, it will be fun fucking her, she is very juicy”)Suddenly a wave of anger . Seeing my chance I screamed and kicked the guy holding me. But the the rest pounced on me and began to rain punches and kicks on me. But quickly they put a handkerchief in my mouth and tied me with the shirt I was wearing.We looked and behaved pretty much like well-married couple. Jyoti just nudged me to ignore the guys and walk away . We thought these guys just made a passing remark and would go away. “C’mon yaar, let us also taste your Laila”, another guy said with a laugh. Jyoti was about to scream, but another guy put his hand over her mouth. While this was happening a fourth guy walked upto me and punched me hard in my stomach. (“hey hero, if you try any stunts we will cut your darling into pieces”)Looking at their ugly scary eyes, I knew they were capable of doing so. As my eyes got used to the moonlight streaming inside, I realized that no one had used the building for years. “Please leave us” I heard my wife pleading “We are a married couple I am his wife”“Oh lovely lovely” the tallest among the four said with a taunt “ I like married women”It was a full moon night, and the light was strong enough to make everything quite clear My poor sweet wife was crying in starts. I couldn’t bear to watch Jyoti go through all this. If I had a gun I could have killed all those guys then and there. Once they were assured I was helpless again, two of the guys went looking for something .“Mil Gaya, rassi mil gaya” one of the guys said happily(“got it , found a rope”)God knows where they found a rope in this god forsaken place. They tied me up securely as one of the guys kept his hand on my wife’s mouth.“If you scream , we will not just tie your husband , we will kill him” said that guy to my wife.Hearing this the men laughed, “Sati Savitri banti hai, saali ko aaj randi banayenge”, said Saleem(“She is pretending to be saintly, We will make the bitch into a whore today”)My sophisticated convent educated wife was at the mercy of these lowly filthy goons. Seeing this Papoo, nuzzled his face in her breasts and started nibbling on it over her kameez. I groened in pain, but hardly any sound came out of my handkerchief filled mouth.“Listen slut, if u scream cry like that, I will make mincemeant out of your husband” Saleem warned my wife. I knew that was my Jyoti - determined and self respecting.My wife raised her hand to push his face away , but this helped Suri meet his objective. Instantly Jyoti’s crying became softer and more muffled as if she was trying to swallow her sobs. She was almost pious when it came to sex and I was proud of the way she carried herself in public life.It cant wait anymore”)So the tall guy’s name was Saleem“Please leave me.I am not like what you think” my wife pleaded again. With a final tug from Suri, Jyoti’s salwar came off , exposing her legs and panties to the ogling lechourous men.“Wah, kya smooth paon hain” said the fourth guy(“wow, what smooth legs she has”)As Suri tried to pull down my wife’s simple cotton panty , she resisted and desperately held on to it amid her sobs. The next moment I felt a hammer like kick on my face.


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