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I see that people often get confused by the two, or consider them the same thing.I don't consider that the same thing in the slightest.I love naughty babysitter phone sex because this naughty babysitter loves to tease all the daddies!

Littles make wonderful ageplayers because someone who is naturally childlike can of course pull off the role of a child seamlessly.

I do not age-play, but that doesn't mean little's don't age-play...

Since I never wear panties, he can get a good look at my young pussy.

I like to stick my fingers in my little hole and rub myself to make it all juicy and then let him lick the pussy juice off my fingers.

Would you like to play with the sleeping babysitter, rubbing your hard cock all over my face and lips, or jerking off in my hair?

Or maybe you want to play couple fucks babysitter and teach me a thing or two?

If you ask a little (assuming they don't age-play) their age, they are likely to either look at you confused, not sure what to answer, make a guess based on how they feel, or they'll tell you their chronological age.

An age-player is more playing the role of a child, role-playing a child at a specific age...

They always try to steal a quick feel of my perky tits or maybe put my hand on their cocks and ask me to play with it on the drive home. My hand looks so small wrapped around their big cocks!

*giggle* One of them has me sit with my back against the door and spread my legs wide for him.


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