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If you are indeed paying too much, the court will adjust the amount, but be careful.

My ex husband’s wife insisted he file a modification to have support reduced and it actually INCREASED an extra $105 per week.

What kind of greedy monster would even dare ask a question like that???!!!

Anyways, don’t feel bad cause I know exactly what you are going through.

I still manage to save for retirement, not incur debt and keep a little cash tucked away but we definitely don’t live the lifestyle we would otherwise be able to afford. I’m sure there’s lot of families out there in this situation.

My poor husband can’t afford to put anything away for retirement. What’s your advice on coping with ever increasing child support payments?She then did not come back home one nite as she was with a male cheating on me, her money went into my savings account, that’s adds up to £160..If i draw it out the bank that’s in my name can she press any charges against me for doing so?? Asap many thanks kelly Reply Some individuals just be talking out the ass. Reply My husband pay child support, my income is more and we want a joint account.they really don’t know what the hell they are talking about. But will child support take our joint income to increase back pay oif cold support.And the children are grown now (in there 20’s) and the mom does not share this with them.He is paying 30% child support plus all their health insurance needs. We can barely afford essential items and live paycheck to paycheck. He pays their benefits and pays both moms 0-700 a month in child support. We can barely afford our mortgage on a mobile home which is fairly new (2014 model).Me and my husband fight on a daily basis because he’s paying all this money to their mother that A owns her own business B drives a brand new Mercedes and we can’t afford to put food in our fridge. The second mom also lied on her financial affidavit when she originally filed for child support saying she only worked as a waitress when she was in fact making an hour as a teacher.That way they can’t screw him even more with their back child support that was just ridiculous. I read an article of this greedy chick asking online of she is able to receive her ex husbands wife’s tax return to intercept it for her back child support she needs apparently.That made me so fired up because I couldn’t even believe a woman would ask for someone else’s money who’s not biologically related to their child.Every time there’s a change in circumstance, (oldest takes piano lessons, youngest enrolls in ballet), we go back to court, pay more legal fees and ultimately, the CS order is increased. I don’t know how he’d survive financially if he wasn’t married.He knows the children are his financial responsibility too… He and his ex-wife both bring home about 00 per month.


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