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If for whatever reason she became less comfortable working with the guy, it probably hasn't helped the likelihood of future HC with him or others.

Then there's the 'marriage' to the female porn starlet (I forget her name).

In the end she really tries to compromise and this is quite great, I think.

Me as a softcore fan, I really enjoy her bg movies the way they are!

She's exhibited skills in her other works that could combine nicely in such a scene. I'd also love to see her shoot with ALSscans but I doubt she will.

Not really a fan of Hegre's style so much either.I think the Indexxx mods have been alright about allowing the fans of 'future hardcore' to post.And there has also been some backlash to the heavy pressure by the ' Softcore Katya' fans in her own mind--go read her DROYC 'essay' where she talks about really wanting to direct interracial porn--apparently in large part because of many of her fans flipping out about her going anywhere near black dicks lol.One of her recent (striptease on patio) videos ends with the line: " just the beginning...", as though she was just getting warmed up in that scene, so maybe she has shot some harder stuff, or at least masturbation, and held on to it for now.Then there is the possible HC stuff she and her ex MIGHT have filmed in Ibiza, but not sold to Ultrafilms yet (' Narrow Escape Pt 2') as someone was speculating earlier).It's quite a fresh dimension of any 'core. You know, this really is also part of INDEXXX's ADMINS fault and I really think they should reconsider their posting policy: They FORBID it if people write messages about wanting to see a until now soft girl doing more than soft (as this is considered "pushing the girls in a certain direction"), but when it is the other way around, i.e.dreamers begging in comments that a girl stays virgin on camera, remains solo etc, then this is allowed and not considered "pushing". Probably so he could spend time with the mother of his baby Karla Kush.This is what supposedly caused Katya to have a 'meltdown' and according to someone posting here led to Katya's breakup with her boyfriend of many years.It's entirely possible she could still surprise us all, on her site or in Ultrafilms, etc.The gods know she is capable of amazing things, if she feels so inclined.


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