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What starts out as a simple missing-child’s case soon unfolds into a twisted conspiracy and a journey into the strange world of the occult.’s plot is brilliantly mysterious and its game play is so addictive and immersive that afterwards reality will seem excruciatingly dull and boring.

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They provide us with that unique and stimulating escape from reality that can only be evoked by the heart, a factor that greed has made the big game companies forget.

However, it's the final and climactic scene of University that raises the most questions.

Mike and Sulley are at a summer camp – the door opened into one of the cabins filled with bunk beds (and children) – but the kids have run off and alerted park rangers after Mike's bungled attempts to scare them.

This first-person-mystery-solver places you in the eerily beautiful landscape of Red Creek Valley.

You play as Paul Prospero, a private investigator who is investigating the disappearance of a boy named, you’ve guessed it, Ethan Carter.


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