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Dave asked if he could record it on his i Pad for his pleasure and I was like sure that is fine.He sat his i Pad on a chair in the corner of our guest room.A true authentic amateur video of two neighbors fucking without hubby being there! So, I contacted a “friend” of mine and asked if he would be up for a POV. This unique angle really lets us be together as I finger my pussy and encourage you masturbate along with me.

I love when you worship my ass and tell me how you enjoy it. February 2018 marks 20 years I have continually run an adult website.

I am ready to help you do it and let the cum squirt right out on my big cheeks and I’ll rub it in … As far as I know I am the longest running continually updating mom on the Internet.

Why did I make this video and fantasize of you inside of me?

Well the past month I have been dealing with a swollen left knee that is going to need something done to it, not sure of the exact diagnosis yet but I have not been able to have sex cowgirl or dogging style which are my two favorite positions.

I normally don’t work this fast but the passion was real and it was pent up so we just let it all out and fucked like two young twenty-somethings! Dateline May 1st, 2018 – Today starts masturbation month.

It is perfect for people like us that are not ashamed of sex and enjoy getting ourselves off!

You get me teasing you in leggings, satin panties and naked!

I talk dirty to you asking you cum on my ass cheeks for me.

Hard to believe that much time as passed and I still have a lot of fun at it.

For 2018 I will have lots of new updates including more sex updates and I am genuinely going to spice it up around here LOL! Some BBC fun with him in the midst of cooking and preparing our family’s Thanksgiving Day meal was a much-needed break!


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