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Moreover, the former couples, who are parents to their sixteen-year-old Jackson Slade and thirteen years old Beckett Finn, is seeking for the joint custody of their children; so, the boys are now to live under their parents' sole physical and legal care.Sources claim that Natalie had previously requested that neither of the partners ought to pay support for their children, but later, they stated that Adrian Pasdar was the one to request the court to provide him financial support from Natalie.See whenever Adrian isn't voicing Iron Man or Captain America, he can actually be a pretty solid VA. Anyone find it kind of funny that a "parody" series like SHSS manages to have better direction(most of the time) than AA? He is actually shown to portray Iron Man much better in the Iron Man Anime than in the Avengers Cartoons, possibly because of the direction that show is given.

Even good voice actors can come out bad or simply mediocre with the wrong direction; you'll have to admit that not every single instance of Kevin Conroy voicing Batman has been a mind-blower.

And even if that isn't the case, it would get boring hearing just Loomis as the character all the time, especially when there's the unexplored potential of discovering someone who could voice the character even better than Loomis ever could.

However, as per TMZ's source, the divorce was amicable.

Caption: Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California on April 28, 2011.

They did that with a lot of other characters: Green Goblin, Captain America (sort of), Galactus, The Thing, Doctor Doom, Juggernaut [email protected] It's because a lot of people dislike how he's being "shoved" down our throats as Iron Man, and they dislike him as a voice actor in general, so they vote for the generic "Man #1" random bit part character that he played. @Smarty Boyboy Just because Loomis was a hit in one show with Iron Man doesn't mean he'll be a hit in everything with Iron Man.

While I do get everyone's frustration with Marvel shoving Pasdar down their throats, shoving Loomis to that same degree would be just as [email protected] Vengeance Knight But that doesn't guarantee he'll do excellently every single time he plays the character.But is this the case with actor Adrian Pasdar and his wife, whose relationship is on its way to the end as well?Let's take a closer look at the matter for the answer!I know Pasdar isn't nearly on the same caliber that they are but still it kind of confuses me the idea that people are sick of him being shoved down their throats when many other super hero shows have done the same [email protected]_Fiction I think Marvel is a different story as a lot of people (excluding myself) dislike Adrian as Iron Man & keep using him.Not to mention that a lot of people loved Josh Keaton as Spiderman & Marvel have stopped using him.Over the years, both Adrian and Natalie successfully kept their personal life private.The duo welcomed their first son Jackson Slade Pasdar back on 15 March 2001.Natalie later opted not to speak or reveal the reason for her split with her partner.Her representative also refused to comment on their divorce issue saying that their split was "a private family matter." Adrian too kept his lip tight and let no word out for clarifying the cause of the divorce.The switch didn't change how I felt there but he's alright in the role.Honestly I think more hate for him my come from the fact that Marvel keeps using him on projects so fans feel like they're stuck with him so they lash [email protected] Mirage what I don't get about this whole thing is while i do like Pasdar as the character, and I do like they're utilizing him, I never got why people were sick of him being shoved down their throats, when say Kevin Conroy or George Newbern have been playing Batman and superman so long.


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