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That’s a rough way to start out in life.” In an interview, Trump once described his years at the military academy in rosier terms, saying his parents thought the discipline “would be good for me because I was ­rambunctious.” “I was a wise guy, and they wanted to get me in line,” he said.“Thinking back, it was a very positive influence.” If nothing else, the military academy taught young Donald a lesson that would prove valuable in adulthood as he navigated two divorces, bankruptcy and regular spasms of bad publicity: No matter the crisis, he could prevail.Their colour television, a rarity at the time, was among the Trumps’ accoutrements that most impressed Mark Golding, Donald’s childhood friend.

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But little Donny Trump kept walking into the gathering darkness.

In elementary school, Donny impressed classmates with his athleticism, shenanigans and refusal to acknowledge mistakes, even one so trivial as misidentifying a popular professional wrestler.

One afternoon, recalled the sitter, Frank Briggs, 81, he led Trump on a sewer adventure during which “it was pitch black and you couldn’t see the entrance.” “The thing that amazed me,” Briggs said, “was that Donny wasn’t scared.

He just kept ­walking.” Dennis Burnham was four years younger and lived around the corner from Donald.

Fred Trump “was really very kind of tightfisted,” said Peter Brant, a newsprint magnate who was among Donald’s closest childhood friends.

“He didn’t give Donald a whole bunch of rope.” When Fred Trump visited one of his contractors, he sometimes brought Donald along and hired a teenage boy who lived next door to watch him during the meeting.The home that stood out In Jamaica Estates, the Queens neighbourhood where Donald grew up, the Trumps’ house on Midland Parkway was distinct, if not for its size then for what it suggested about the wealth of its builder, Fred Trump.Seventeen brick steps led up a sloping hill to the entrance, which was framed by a Colonial-style portico, a stained-glass crest and six white columns.Long before he attained vast wealth and far-reaching fame, Donald J Trump left an indelible impression in the prosperous Queens neighborhood where he evolved from a mischievous, incorrigible boy into a swaggering young man.He was Trump in miniature, an embryonic version of the bombastic, flamboyant candidate who has dominated the 2016 presidential race, more than three dozen of his childhood friends, classmates and neighbours said in interviews.Two Cadillacs were in the driveway, their license plates bearing their owner’s initials, “FCT1” and “FCT2.” “No one had individualized license plates in those days,” said Ann Rudovsky, who grew up nearby.“Everyone talked about the Trumps because of the house and the cars.” Unlike most families in the neighbourhood, the Trumps had a cook, a chauffeur and an intercom system.In school, he misbehaved so often that his initials became his friends’ shorthand for detention.His father Fred C Trump’s success as a real estate developer paid for the private schools, limousines and 23-room house to which Donald and his four siblings grew accustomed.“He was essentially banished from the family home,” says his biographer, Michael D’Antonio.“He hadn’t known anything but living with his family in a luxurious setting, and all of a sudden he’s sent away.


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