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Something like that, usually."We'd offer Duritz some dating advice (maybe cut your hair?

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The singer-songwriter-producer, 45, got cozy with Mary Louise Parker in the ’90s – they remain good friends and even attended the Tony Awards together in 2008 – before dating not one but two stars.

After Courteney Cox Arquette, whom he met while filming the music video for his song “A Long December” in 1997, Duritz reportedly moved on to Aniston, though he’s said in interviews that the relationship wasn’t serious. The road really screwed up a couple of things,” he told PEOPLE in January 2005 about balancing his music career and girlfriends. I haven’t figured [love] all out yet.” So, why all the actresses?

Being with certain people, even if it brings all this unwanted attention is …

just worth all the weirdness in the world.” As for his appeal, “I’m honest and forthcoming,” he told in March 2008. If you want irony or sarcasm, it’s not really what you get from me.” Duritz acknowledges his relationships draw media attention but for all the wrong reasons.

But Emmy told People magazine last year: 'I get why chicks dig him.'She also added that her own confidence has grown in recent years.

'I used to be an artsy, quiet, kind of chubby kid – which no one believes, but now I'm really comfortable with my body and my sexuality.Adam, at 46, is significantly older than Emmy and has an impressive dating record.The dread-locked singer has been romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lara Flynn Boyle and Christina Applegate, to name but a few.[They] have a similar kind of lifestyle,” he told British magazine in June 1999, adding that he “never got to date the cheerleaders” in school.“Also they’re often independent, driven and, very, very attractive.An American musician, songwriter, record producer, and film producer, who is better known for his characters as front man and vocalist for the rock band ' Counting Crows' of which he is a setting up member and principal melodist of their catalog of songs, he is Adam Duritz.He was born in Baltimore, the USA to his parents on 1st August 1964, and grew up with his parents.I can be naked with the lights on.' Meanwhile the actress is moving forward with her career.She is set to star in the new US version of UK hit TV show Shameless, which screens in January. She's just an idea of someone I came up with when I was writing "Round Here." I mean, she's me. It's through the eyes of a girl, but it's someone very much like me struggling at the edge, not sure if she's going to fall off on one side or the other.


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