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Wayne has been a part of the Mama Petrillo’s dining experience for nine years.He’s a full time professional magician who has performed at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and entertained the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers, as well as appeared at the Los Angeles County Fair.

In 1903 the young couple seizes the opportunity and makes their way to America. Could the renowned quote on the base of Lady Liberty have been a deciding factor?

After all, where better to start an authentic Italian pizzeria that a city with the promise of “hungry huddled masses”!

They settled in Rochester, New York and opened La Vera (Italian meaning “The Best”) Pizzeria in the early 30’s.

John and Rose were the proud parents of eight children, five girls and three boys. He marries a lovely girl Marcia and they have two sons.

Wales has some differences in law and guidance to England, so if unsure, please check with Family Rights Group about Wales.

The information here does not apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland.It is located on the south side of Las Tunas Drive, just East of Rosemead.It is a small store (seating 80-84) with an intimate setting that looks like a picture from the ‘Spaghetti Scene’ in Lady and the Tramp – perfect for your own date night or for a small family gathering.When you visit on Friday and Saturday nights, be sure to request a free show.For entertainment at company and private events, Wayne can be reached at In Naples Italy, newlyweds John and Rose Petrillo dream of traveling to the United States one day.Before or immediately after a child is accommodated by Children’s Services, the social worker should draw up a care plan for the child and should get the agreement of their parents or those with parental responsibility or the young person themselves if they are aged 16 or 17 to the plan.If there is no parent/person with parental responsibility and the young person is under 16, they can ask the last person caring for the child if they agree with the child's care plan.We know that after just one visit, you’ll keep coming back and become a member of the Petrillo family.Mama Petrillo’s is your Home away from Home – a warm, inviting gathering place to eat, drink, and socialize. All your friends are here – even some you haven’t met yet. Mama Petrillo’s is an Old World Italian restaurant that focuses on Family and Quality.Mama Petrillo’s has been family owned and operated for over 80 years and 3 generations and has been serving Californians “La Vera” (the best) Italian food for 54 years!


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