Accomodating multiple learning styles

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Throughout the day never being left alone for any serious length of time, constant reminders of the presence of the Wardens really kept things flowing with Chief Warden Goddess Cleo checking on me throughout the day.Duty Warden Mistress Rebekka Raynor definitely left an impression on me really teaching me a lot about myself during the day and I took way more than I ever thought I could, she was an excellent judge of when I was nearly at my limits and stopped just short every time.

Nike (Mistress Absolute), heralded for speed and strength.

I probably spent most of my time being transformed into a quivering mass of submission with Goddess Absolute.

If you have not attended one of these parties and you enjoy Strap-On action you don’t know what you are missing, I shall try to explain the experience you would have if you did decide to attend, by recounting my experience maybe not in full detail but I am sure you will get the flavour of the event.

When I arrived I was greeted by Fo Xtress, who is such a bundle of life and fun with it, she showed me to the “holding room” where others would join me and where Fo Xtress checked that we all had arrived “clean” and we had to strip off ensuring that all our things were left in a need pile ready for Fo Xtress’s return.

With the introductions all done it was time for the “ride of our life”, I started by getting onto a sling with Mistress Absolute in control, Mistress ensured that she selected a size that I was comfortable with to start, and then moved up a size, it was a great experience it certainly started my juices to flow, it was great seeing others also being ridden by the other mistresses, which of course allowed me to see what I was in for as the day went on.

Next it was the turn of Mistress Rebekka to invade my very willing backside, again Mistress started off by seeing what size I wanted and then the action began, again increasing in size and again Mistress was getting my juices to flow very nicely, again such a great experience.That scottish burr both excited me and intimidated as a cool gaze took in my measure very quickly.Very soon that would be forgotten as she effortless demonstrated her skill and deft touch while taunting. Activity preferences, health limitations,arrival instructions had been covered by email so it was straight into the incarceration.Hera (Mistress Katerina), famous for driving Hercules so mad that he had to perform twelve labours.Even after 3 hours of intensive play, the thought of what could have been teases and torments me, as the memory of those piercing eyes framed by gorgeous check bones burned brightly into my eyelids.I want a level of intensity that’s just right for me! You go down to a dark back space with real cells and cages, where you’ll be left to ponder your many sins.Every now and then a warden will come and torment you (and make sure you’re surviving.) Or choose Extended Bondage: you’be strung up naked and exposed in a big room while a pack of girls come and go, chatting to each other and ignoring you.Then there’s Duty Warden Fo Xtress who instantly dialled in on my biggest insecurity and never let up for the entire day which made me so emotionally conflicted and uncomfortable but in the best way possible. Towards the end of the day I was unable to regulate my body temperature, this was recognized straight away by the Wardens and I was very well cared for and given time to rest and warm up and made sure I was ok before anything else continued.The final part of my day will be a memory I cherish for a very long time with Goddess Cleo masterfully taking me deep into subspace an experience I had never had or even imagined I could achieve.All testimonials have been included as received, and are from legitimate party attendees (which can also be proven).If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to “When I’m choosing a new place to play, what I DON’T want is somewhere that’s too mild and lame, or somewhere too crazy and dangerous.


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