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the staff are always lovely and the deliveries are always timely. Delivery takes at most 30 minutes, and everyone that works there is very nice and accommodating. It's brown rice with a soupy sauce at the bottom, topped with vegetables soaked in the same soupy sauce. A stir-fry should be wok style vegetables and rice stir-fried together.

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The Moxie Café team helped us make our entrance to the community exactly how we hoped! I love that the kids aren’t looked at like three headed monsters for — being kids.

It feels very homey and comfortable here and the staff is very welcoming and sweet.

I cannot express strongly enough how much they were appreciated and how very good and different, and healthy your food is. My fiancé and I feel this will be our new place to go! We had a great time and everybody complimented the food ! The lunch was accurate, delivered on time, and above all it was delicious and our staff enjoyed it very much! Aimee Bakar, Just wanted to pass on my kudos to Moxie Café team for the excellent service this past event. My family and guests had a memorable and wonderful time. John Sario Dear Moxie Staff, Thank you for your efforts to make our company meetings and celebrations an enjoyable success!

I thank Justin and the young man who worked with him most sincerely and would never hesitate to recommend your company to anyone!! You have a great team and it all starts with your management and leadership. You are friendly, helpful, and hard working, which helps make every occasion at Moxie a hit! WASCO switches and sensors Justin and the team at Moxie Café were exceptional hosting our Meet & Greet.

He had all the leftover food packaged up in very good containers and piled on my counter in the kitchen.

I really did not have much to do to get things back into order. 🙂 I’ll be sure to stop by as soon as baby Leo is with us, hopefully by the next week or so ! Best, Andrea de Anda Thank you so much for working with me regarding this order yesterday.He said he and his helper needed no help and he was truly serious.I just relaxed and enjoyed the time of celebration and friendship. We were senior citizens, except for my daughter and her family.The moment the restaurant confirms receipt of your order, you will receive an email confirmation with an updated delivery time, so you can be sure the restaurant is working to prepare and deliver your food as quickly as possible!]" Stir Fry and Pasta Bar—A cooked-to-order wonderland showcasing fresh ingredients and sauces Teleon Panini—Delicious, crispy, hot combo sandwiches freshly grilled just for you Entree Salads—Crisp, refreshing, and all natural, a meal in itself Create Your Own Salad—Salads that are limited only by your imagination N. Deli Combos—Relive the past with our wonderful meats, artisan breads and spreads Little Salads Du Jour—The perfect accomplishment to your soup, sandwich, salad or snack Teleon Soups—There is nothing more satisfying than Teleon's soups, hearty delicious and made homemade just like mom's We start with the selection of the freshest ingredients, cook everything to achieve the “perfect” taste, and provide you with the "perfect” service.Quinoa bowls are delicious and so are the desserts! Be careful though - they only start serving hot food at 11 am. I've eaten there well over 10 times in the recent weeks. Every day there is something new to try and its soooo cheap! Whoever is writing bad reviews, you must not have taste buds. All user-submitted ratings contribute to Teleon Cafe (40th St)'s overall Seamless rating, but we manually screen all reviews and only publish those that are relevant and helpful.I had to wait for longer than the delivery estimate for my food because I ordered at but when I called they were very nice about it and said they would specify on their menu that they start cooking hot lunch items only at 11 am. The app says 15-30 mins wait time but you will be waiting at least an hour for food from this deli. They are kinda aggressive and rude to customers too. i have walked 20 blocks just to get their chicken milano panini. Where else can you get bourbon chicken mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and flan for ??? Teleon Cafe is one of the best lunch places in the city. They always have something new so you never get bored. I also love that there is a good Wi Fi connection and lots of plugs for your devices so it’s a great place for students/ business professionals – Jessica S. I love that the kids aren’t looked at like three headed monsters for — being kids. There isn’t one thing we could find that was bad about this place. It’s kind of off the beaten path but their food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and drinks (yummy coffee) are amazing!It feels very homey and comfortable here and the staff is very welcoming and sweet. Had their BLTA and chili combo and was very tasty and fresh! Very cute decoration and I love the ambiance of it all!God bless you all and may your business continue to flourish here in Santa Maria so much more can come to appreciate you as we do. In Sincerity and Gratitude – Rick and Dolly Van Horn It is Extremely rare that I get excited about places to eat out and I never leave reviews like this but I just had to. They were professional and a joy to work with throughout the process.I was listening to my radio station a few days ago and heard the interview about this place and decided to try it today. Justin was helpful in recommending the best-selling and most popular items on the menu to ensure our guests would enjoy the meal.


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