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What car makers are failing to see is that this generation’s interests and priorities have been redefined in the last two decades, pushing cars to the side while must-have personal technology products take up the fast lane.

It’s no secret the percentage of new vehicles sold to 18- to 34-year-olds has significantly dropped over the past few years.

To provide it, some use sweet talk, promising a solution to a problem: money for our shrinking nest eggs, companionship for our lonely hearts, a chance to show we matter. Con artists use tactics that rely on an erosion of memory or the ability to focus attention. " or "We agreed on this price" are phrases that are often used.

Others feign a problem that needs quick solving, perhaps with some warning about a potential danger."The scammer's goal is to get you to not think rationally, to operate on an emotional level," says Jean Mathisen, director of AARP's Fraud Fighter hotline (800-646-2283), which provides counseling, education and victim advocacy. Studies show that people are most susceptible to fraud within three years of some traumatic event such as loss of a loved one, illness or a move to a new living place, worrisome challenges that older people frequently face."Negative events occupy your attention and chew up your mental capacity," explains Anthony Pratkanis, coauthor (with AARP Washington state director Doug Shadel) of Weapons of Fraud.

They claim to be beloved grandchildren who've been arrested or hospitalized — often while traveling — and need immediate money. Or, at least call the grandchild or parents before heading to Western Union. The natural aging process can cause changes in brain function that benefit scammers.

Grandparents of college-aged young people are the most frequent targets, reporting losses exceeding 0 million a year. Often subtle, even unnoticeable, these shifts often occur around the mid-60s. This can make you more likely to fall for scams urging you to act immediately.Never give credit card information to telephone or front-door solicitors.Stick with reputable charities whose names you've known for years.Romance scammers cruise online dating websites, posting hundreds of messages a day.After weeks of cyber sweet talk tailored to potential victims' responses, schemers inevitably request money — typically via wire transfer — saying they need it for a plane ticket to come visit or to deal with some personal emergency.Perhaps the worst are "woodchucks." They might initially trim trees or clean gutters, but they continue to recommend more repairs until you're bled dry by them or their "specialist" buddies.These come in many forms: Some are free-lunch seminars hawking questionable financial products or legitimate ones with long "hold" periods that are unsuitable for older investors.After falling behind on their mortgage, the Fallses sought a loan modification with mortgage-holder Chase, but were denied. "We were in a terrible state, and they knew it," recalls Deanna, 74, a former real estate agent. Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) heard about the case and interceded. They sent the Fallses a loan modification "approval" letter — a bogus replica purportedly from HUD that detailed their Chase loan number, rate and balance. Scammers know what we want: to feel secure, loved and valued. Age-related brain changes can hamper the ability to recognize facial expressions that signal deceit.And they know that the older we get, the more we need peace of mind. Lies repeated again and again are more likely to be perceived as true as you age, experts say.


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