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There are caverns and plenty of brightly colored sea creatures.The Palancar Reef areas are popular, so their much-lauded coral is always vulnerable to attack.

This park provides world class snorkeling and scuba diving in the ocean, swimming in a pool or in the sea with dolphins, great food, exotic drinks and so much more. The lagoon at Chankanaab Park has ancient history in that it was at one time occupied by Mayan settlements and was possibly a pirate refuge.

The word Chankanaab comes from the Mayan words, Han (small) Kanaab (sea or ocean).

Much of the east and northeast region of the island is 4WD territory - and provides great opportunity for peaceful escape.

The airport is a mere 2km (1mi) north of town; there is a minibus that will take you into town.

One of the best is the kilometers-long Arrecife Palancar (Palancar Reef), where stunning coral formations and a 'horseshoe' of coral heads offer some of the world's finest down-under - all at an amazing 70m (230ft) visibility.

Underwater photographers should come ready to shoot like mad.Thanks to a Jacques Cousteau documentary on its world-class reefs it has been a favorite international diving destination since 1961.It is literally swimming with diving sites - about 100 have been identified around Cozumel, and at least a dozen of them are shallow enough for snorkeling. The island's only town, San Miguel de Cozumel, is easily traversed by foot.The water around the reef is about 24m (80ft) deep, providing pros opportunities for fantastic deep-water diving.The north end of the reef, called Palancar Gardens, is shallower but just as gorgeous.Ancient Mayan ruins worth visiting lie in the north and south parts of the island.The nicest beaches, Playas San Francisco and Palancar, start 14km (9mi) south of San Miguel, while the world-famous coral reefs are off the island's southern shores.Isla Cozumel's only town is San Miguel de Cozumel, and it is where you'll find many restaurants, bars, hotels, tour agencies, banks and other amenities.It is well-equipped to deal with the global influx - you can chow down on food ranging from vegetarian to Mediterranean to local mesquite-grilled chicken.Unfortunately, no minibus service runs the other way, so from town you'll have to take a taxi to return to the airport.The reefs are where it's at for prime scuba diving off this island.


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