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Now, there's two stars that fans can't stop, won't stop shipping. The Oscar-winning producer, 41, quite literally fanned the flames of romance rumors when 50 Cent posted a flirty photo of the two celebrities on Instagram.Could this relationship blossom into the real deal?

Everyone loves Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and can't get enough of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's recently expanded family, but when it comes to Hollywood power couples, the world is insatiable.The pair have secretly been an item since she split with Cent's hip-hop rival Jay-Z last month, according to Britain's the Sun newspaper.Pals say her close friendship to the "In Da Club" rapper caused a rift that led to their split.Although Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent never officially addressed a romance, they didn’t hide the fact that they were spending time together. talk show host, 36, and the New York-bred rapper had been spotted partying together, and even once Tweeted a photo with their arms around each other in bed.But it wasn’t until an interview with Piers Morgan on Tuesday night that Handler finally went on the record: “We dated, very casually.” “He’s a very sweet, nice guy,” Handler says of the “In Da Club” rapper, 35.“I think the reason that it’s haunted me for such a long time is I found out later he wanted to propose to me,” she claimed, explaining that he planned to rent out a movie theater to pop the question.However, the relationship faltered and 50 Cent later rapped about how he had the engagement ring made into earrings for himself.— billed as equal parts memoir and self-help book drawn from her own life experiences — particularly the section about dating the 42-year-old rapper back in 2003.“Last year there was definitely some misconceptions that were out about our relationship.Beautiful Beyonce is well known for her clean-living and religious existence, whereas Cent has candidly spoken about his drug-dealing and violent past.One pal says, "Beyonce may be a goody-goody but she can't get enough of 50 Cent.


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