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There is an emerging understanding of the bi-directional crosstalk governing gut-to-brain communication in health and disease of both organs.

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On average, Proteobacteria, that include potentially pathogenic genera (e.g. 2D), were less represented in the PROBIO group (9.01%) than in the CTRL (17.84%), although this difference was not statistically significant.(A) Principal coordinates analysis (PCo A) plots using weighted Unic Frac distances.

Average Distance (AD), Distance Variance (DV), Nearest Distance (ND), Occupied Area (OA), Column Preference (CP) and Shuttling Frequency (SF) measurements (Supplementary Figure 1) at the beginning (T0) and end of 4 weeks (T4) of probiotic treatment, are shown from both control (CTRL) and treated (PROBIO) animals. The α-diversity indices Chao1 (138.02 ± 40.36 CTRL, 133.25 ± 30.00 PROBIO) and Shannon (4.12 ± 0.59 CTRL, 3.92 ± 0.97 PROBIO) of the gut microbiota in CTRL and PROBIO zebrafish were not significantly different, indicating that the dietary administration of L.

rhamnosus does not affect overall richness of the zebrafish gut bacterial community.

To explore probiotics as potential therapeutic psychotropic agents in psychiatric diseases and to further highlight the use of the zebrafish model to describe the impact of psychobiotics on brain function and behaviour, we here assessed the effects of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus IMC 501 on shoaling behaviour in healthy, wild-type zebrafish.

This strain was already used in zebrafish, where it generates beneficial effects such as reduction of hepatic cholesterol level, improved adsorption of nutrients and increased production of short-chain fatty acids.


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