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Away from the crazy, urban hustle-bustle, the beautiful beach land of Seychelles pumps life into the phrase ‘out-of-this-world’.

Away from the crazy, urban hustle-bustle, the beautiful beach land of Seychelles pumps life into the phrase ‘out-of-this-world’.Much like the models themselves, it lures you into a world of dreams where life is beautiful and you do not wish to get back to reality. Noyonita Lodh invites you into the waters Click here to download high resolution image Sushrii Shreya Mishra makes the infinity pool look even more alluring!Exotic locations, bikini babes and stunning photographs — Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar is all set to be launched soon and we’ve managed to sneak a preview just for you.

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A criminal complaint was lodged with the police this week, against Supreme Court Judge A. In her complaint, Mrs Antao has asked the police to conduct a criminal investigation of Judge Perera for forgery.

The court record for the proceedings of that particular day was placed before Judge Perera for his signature.

We reproduce below that record: Court (Judge Perera): The motion for stay of execution of judgment dated 22nd March 2006 was listed to be supported today. On the application of counsel for the respondent, the motion is struck out.

Tailor-made for romantic couples, Seychelles is a delightful place to visit with your loved one.

From the moment you land here, your mood is uplifted by the pleasant white, blue and green all around you.Shot at some of the best beaches around the world, Anse Source d’ Argent (La Digue), Anse Louis Beach, Anse Intendance Beach and Anse La Mouche Beach (Mahe), It comes as no surprise that these beauties were at their sensuous best when put in such magnificent destinations.The models have been styled by the most talented lot in the industry; make-up artist Kapil Bhalla; hair stylist Richard and captured on lens by old Kingfisher hand Atul Kasbekar. The complaint was made by attorney, Mrs Alexia Antao.According to the Penal Code anyone found guilty of forgery is liable to imprisonment of up to 3 years if convicted.This transcript was the one signed by Judge Perera as well as the court reporter.That last document, according to Mrs Antao, is the subject matter of the criminal investigation lodged by her with the police.You begin to feel the true meaning of the word ‘holiday’ as every minute passes by.Seychelles is where even the dull and monotonous turn into creative, passionate romantics. You can get naughty underwater while snorkeling, get lost while taking a jungle walk, or just spice things up as you take a walk along the coast.According to the cause list, the case was to be heard at 10.30 am not 10.00 am.Below is a transcript of the entire proceeding as it is recorded on the tape: Judge Perera, a Sri Lankan by birth, arrived in Seychelles 25 years ago.


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