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Application providing and submission has been stopped on 22nd November 2017 as was previously announced.

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Each petition server as a “lottery ticket” in the DV lottery. After the submission period closed but prior to the DV Lottery selection process the State Department sorted the petitions into different world regions and numbered them in a database according to the order that they were received. Because of the way our database’s internal storage optimization algorithms work, the database moved the physical database location of some petitions that were submitted later in the Submission period, totaling about two percent of the total number of entries, so that they were adjacent to records that had been submitted in the first two days of the Submission period.

The US Government is very strict with the DV winners eligibility requirement checking process.

DV-2019 Green Card Lottery is designed and operated by the American Government to maintain their diversity.

§ 1746 do hereby declare the following under penalty of perjury: 1. I am employed by the US Department of State where I worked since June 2007.

I am also familiar with the process by which the software that the State Department used to conduct the DV lottery was written, installed and implemented. As a preliminary step in this yerar’s DV lottery, the State Department operated a website at which aliens seeking a diversity visa could submit petition during a submission period.


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