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haha Do you have a game you refuse to play as a couple or family?We have come to love deck playing games because they usually have an easy learning curve, are easy to set up and usually only last 30 minutes.Finding fun 2 player games can be a little challenging, so we’re sharing our Top 10 Date Night Games with you.

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Wrapping up the series of two player games for couples, we are talking game apps!

These are some games we have found fun to play while one of us is traveling.

Whichever category the game falls into, it most likely won’t be too aggressive.

We strongly believe date night games should be fun and relaxing without too many hurt feelings.

Most people think MAGIC if they hear deck building, but these are no where near that intense.

They’re nice games for couples because you could play a round after dinner and still have time to watch a show, get some chores done or go to bed early!

It was New Year’s Eve and two months into our relationship and thankfully not the last night of our relationship.

😉 It did not go well, and we have never played again.

We felt stuck though when it came to board games for date nights even though it was one of our favorite at home date night ideas. We have slowly grown our collection of couple board games and couple card games (plus a few 2 player games that don’t quite fit either of those categories) – many of which we can play with our friends, too, while offering us a fun 2 player game experience as well.

If you are looking for 2 player video games, you will want to head to my specific post on couple video games!


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