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The decision to fire her was out of my hands though.

I have been in a supervisory role and hiring people for over a decade.

Before he did it he was walking around with it announcing his intention to rehome it in the plants and I told him not to leave it here in no uncertain terms.

I hate insects and I certainly don’t want one, even a “cute” one, set loose to wander the office. He put the ladybug in the plant despite my protests.

To be clear, trick-or-treating in an important client meeting is truly terrible judgment …

especially from someone five months into their first post-college job.She said she has never been so embarrassed in her life and has been getting heat from her boss and the C-suite over it. She keeps asking me what my employee was thinking but I don’t know what to tell her and she has brought it up multiple times.This is a really weird thing to fire someone over, unless there had been other signs that she wasn’t getting your culture or professional norms, or unless she was more disruptive than I realize when she entered that meeting.If my employee had mentioned anything to me about this, I would have explained why she couldn’t do it.The director has also ordered a reprint of our handbook and all materials to clearly state dressing up in costume for Halloween is not allowed.She said she was going to come as Michonne from The Walking Dead but had decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for work.I was going to have a serious talk with her because she kept saying she didn’t do anything wrong, but she was fired later that day on the orders of our director.She told me afterward that she didn’t see what the problem was and wanted to bring fun to our “stuffy” office.I asked her if anyone told her it was okay for her to dress up and she said it was her idea and she didn’t talk about it with anyone here.I had hired her five months ago just after she had completed her studies at university.I’m sure she was still figuring out how things work in office and finance environments.


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