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That would be boring and it would take me too long to write anyway.

It is mostly a random collection of my memories and thoughts.

I enjoy imagining her blurred view of my pumping fist and my bare stomach. A casualty of the commodity trading industry, his generous redundancy pay-off and unemployment created the opportunity. Truth is, there are a lot of rubbish toys out there.

He first emailed me eight weeks ago about my story My London apartment overlooks the River Thames. Fortunately I heard about SE through Scott, an online friend.

His impotent, smarting cock rages hopelessly against the unyielding steel.

Flesh and blood fight a losing battle against the tight 3 x 1 prison.It has a large, open-plan kitchen-living room with a big window and fine view. The company produces individually fitted tubes in surgical grade polished steel that are 100% secure yet can safely be worn for considerable periods of denial.There is a corridor with three bedrooms leading off it; first, my master bedroom and en suite bathroom, then a guest double, and finally a smaller third bedroom that is fitted out as my home office. Not so as it becomes frustrating for me, but no rush either. His groin has been depilated bald, his scrotum is freshly plucked.The only things from Priceless they both definitely don The design of the Steelworks Extreme cage has the advantage that his physical frustration can be clearly viewed.The base ring and tube allow the bottom of his shaft and his circumcised helmet at the top to be studied like a prisoner in a straightjacket. His genitals glow with a layer of Vaseline that he applies every morning to prevent chafing.She utters a little shriek and starts humping back.I feel her thighs open wider, so she can thrust back more vigorously.She said that sex and bondage were all very well, but the true test of a lifestyle slave is 24/7 toil. There is a steel base ring with an extended hinge and a steel tube. However, aside from cold showers, his 6 inches will now be permanently confined inside a tube roughly half that length.No Master or Mistress is interested in permanent sex. The full extent of the tube from his abdomen measures 3 inches.He or she wants sex available on tap but the rest of the time needs a slave who quietly gets on with everything else.s been over a quarter of a century since I had a sub that I could train to do it exactly as I like. The inner diameter for his girth is only 1 inches.s training.Their individual desires and motives are subtly different but they share a basic submissive agenda; control, punishment, drudgery and humiliation, lots of it.


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