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The part of us that is non-physical and in most religions is believed to live on after death. ***** TALK 2 TUESDAY 17 APRIL (2.15pm-4.15pm) PHILOSOPHY: MORAL PHILOSOPHY with Dr Simon Kirchin, Reader in Philosophy and Dean of Humanities at the University of Kent. These problems range from life and death matters concerning abortion, euthanasia and the like, to other things such as whether it is right to tell a lie to prevent hurting someones feelings.At some point, we might wonder whether there is a set of rules that will help us through these tricky problems.

Sweet Sol on TV T April 16th, 2018 Sweet Sol were on the NEWS Tonight.

Sweet Sol were 'live' on Kent Tonight KMTV news talking about our award win at the Kent Business Awards, our brand new concept idea and more! It's also available to watch online Take a look at our brand new tri-fold information leaflets "Everything You Need To Know".

TOAST offer simple, comfortable but high quality food, gorgeous snacks and excellent coffee.

They are working with Lost Sheep Coffee to bring you the best tasting caffeine hit around. Herne Bay Town Partners donate to Strode Park March 27th, 2018 Herne Bay Town Partners have presented a donation to the Strode Park Foundation of 212.00.

This was the proceeds from the Pancake Race in the town on 15 February 2018.

100 adult singles dating meet 2016

Buy in the Bay Business of the Month March 26th, 2018 Pashleys Cake Emporium is this months winner of the Business of the Month Award, run as part of the city councils Buy in the Bay shop local project.A hundred years ago, German physicist Albert Einstein rocked the scientific world by revolutionising our ideas of space, time and motion.Dr Mountjoy will give us a beginners guide to Einsteins famous theories of Special and General Relativity and explain exactly what E=MC2 is.The prevalence of illnesses related to memory difficulties, such as dementia is on the rise with 7.7 million new cases of dementia being identified each year.This results in great economic strain on health and social care costs.Moreover, what are the possible clinical implications?***** TALK 4 TUESDAY 15 MAY (2.15pm-4.15pm) PSYCHOLOGY: MENTAL ENHANCEMENT USING PHYSICAL EXERCISE with Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Kent.Dr Kirchin will explain how Normative Ethics contains a number of these theories that attempt to give us some principles to sort out the mess and tell us which course of action is morally best and why.Of course ethical theories do not exist in a vacuum as we shall see.There is info about us, our mission and our ethos that is believing in love.What's on at Kavanagh Cinema April 5th, 2018 Programme details 18th - 24th May SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (12a) Thurs 5pm 8.15pm DEADPOOL 2 (15) Daily 5.30pm 8.20pm Sat, Sun & Wed 2.30pm SHERLOCK GNOMES (u) Fri - Wed 5.15pm Sat & Sun 3pm Thurs 3.15pm I FEEL PRETY (12a) Fri - Wed 8pm Wed 2pm Parent & Baby Screening Wed 11.30am LADY BIRD (15) Wed 11am New Cafe TOAST in Beach Creative March 29th, 2018 TOAST is the new caf within the beautiful walls of the Beach Creative gallery and studio space in Herne Bay.


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